10 Pictorials Of K-Pop Idols With Their Pets

K-pop idols love their pets. Their Instagram accounts are cluttered with funny pictures of the tiny animals running around in silly costumes, falling asleep beside their owners, and cuddling up with other popular stars. The pets are often brought to variety shows so idols can gush about their brilliance, and the loved creatures get an all-access pass to every major pictorial and music video shoot.

Nowadays, idol pets are stars all on their own! Siwon's pug Bugsy has his very own Twitter account filled with intimate selcas. Meanwhile, Lee Hyori's fluffy dog Soon Shim inspired the K-pop diva to write the bestselling book Closer: The Story Started by Hyori and Soon Shim. The autobiographical book discusses Lee Hyori's childhood, fame, and how the special relationship with her pet inspired her to become an animal rights activists. Whenever Taeyang's (late) dog Boss would be taken for a walk by a YG Entertainment employee, a line of Big Bang fangirls would follow!

Below is a list of ten magazine, commercial campaign and album booklet pictorials, which show idols with their very special furry, and sometimes scaly, best friends.

[Super Junior] Siwon and Bugsy in L'Officiel Hommes December 2014 Issue 

[KARA] Hara and Pang in 1st Look Vol. 57

[MBLAQ] Mir and Browny in Sexy Beat Comeback Teaser Image

Lee Hyori and Soon Shim in Oh Boy! Magazine October 2011 Issue

[Rainbow] Jaekyung and Macaron in Cosmopolitan November 2014 Issue

[Big Bang] G-Dragon and Gaho in Nii Qualified Ad

[Girls' Generation] Tiffany and Prince in Oh Boy! Magazine February 2014 Issue

[KARA] Seungyeon and Puri in Oh Boy! Magazine Vol. 23

[Brown Eyed Girls] JeA and Bandal in 1st Look Vol. 57

[Big Bang] Taeyang and Boss in Nii Qualified Ad


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