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Taeyang Lights Up The Stage During RISE World Tour Stop In Malaysia

By iReporter Team | February 13, 2015 09:34 AM EST


"I feel so amazing today. Malaysia, I am so happy to be here, because I have prepared for a long time for this tour. Getting to this tour has been a long time. It took me four years to make my album Rise."- Taeyang-

Throw ya hands in the air, Keep ya hands in the air, We're gonna be reachin' for the sky tonight, And we're gonna light it up, RISE tonight. A mega solar phenomenon has happened in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, with thousands of enthusiastic fans setting off yellow 'flares' inside the packed Stadium Negara via their crown-shaped light sticks during 'TAEYANG WORLDTOUR "RISE" IN MALAYSIA.'

Dressed in black sleeveless tee and shining gold pants, Taeyang (meaning Sun in Korean) rose from the stage; definitely at his best and eager to please and give the crowd what they wanted. Kicking off the performance with Body all the way to the encore of Eyes, Nose, Lips, via his mega hits like Wedding Dress, Ringa Linga, Only Look At Me and I Need A Girl, he had the audience get on their feet screaming with excitement.

After two introductory songs of Body and Superstar, he greeted the crowd who had been waiting for his solo tour and continued to express his gratitude for the overwhelming support and love he received from the fans. As the intro for the next track being played 'Ay...all the sexy ladies on the floor', it's like the cue for the crowds, especially the female fans to Move to the song. The smooth R&B rhythm that flowed within this song, and accompanied with a smooth and synchronized dance breathed a sexy yet an energetic performance.

Taeyang surely has many facets and it's time for the sweet and seductive image of him to be on the spotlight as he serenading the crowds with a lullaby-like track, You're My. This slow jam session witnessed his multi-talent in performing live as he showcased hi vocal ability to hit the falsetto while playing to the beats of the song on his keyboard. Not letting the romantic mood to fade, he moved on with I Need A Girl and he transformed into a boyfriend who's looking for his lost lover- inviting a fan to the stage to be his date for the evening. I think I almost lost my hearing as the roared from the fans getting louder the moment the lucky girl dance together with Taeyang. I think the song title should be renamed to 'I Need Taeyang'.

It won't be Taaeyang Worldtour "RISE" if tracks from the 'Rise' album itself being performed live on stage. Performing the famous track that hit Billboard 200, Eyes, Nose, Lips, this powerful ballad proved Taeyang's vocal ability- the sharpness and delicate in his voice together with expressing the heartache of the song totally brings out the best of him that evening. Not only that, the fans who sing along with him gave another emotional impact for the concert.

Moving on from the emotional heartbreak, Taeyang emerged on stage with another set of costume ala hip-hop, to perform another dance track from his Rise album, Ringa-Linga. His name is T to the A t the E (to the) Y to the ANG! This hot new-age electro song sets up the mood in the stadium into a club scene and the crowds were ready than ever to continue to party-up with Taeyang. Perhaps Taeyang wished to party up till late as he continued the jam with another fast pace track, 1AM.

Being part of mega sensational K-pop group in this generation, BigBang, Taeyang can't be separated with his strong relationship with the group. Hence, to honour the friendship with BigBang, he invited his good friend, G-Dragon to perform a duet of Stay With Me with him on stage... well not technically together as G-Dragon make a surprised entrance virtually via a gigantic screen and the two hit the song together. Taeyang apologized to the crowd for G-Dragon's absence due to his own hectic schedule, and asked the fans if it's ok to have one Good Boy on stage for that evening. He then continued to give a stellar solo performance of Good Boy, with a song that he formally sang duet with G-Dragon, solo. This musical collaboration truly healed the fans' longing for BigBang. 2 out of 5 members is not that bad aint' it?

Other tracks which were performed live that evening are Only Look At Me, Wedding Dress, This Ain't It, Breakdown, Let It Go, Love You to Death.

As a token of his appreciation towards the support and love from his fans, Taeyang gave-away his new sneakers, the one that he wore on stage and his snap-back with an Arabic signage of 'Syuruk Al-Shams' meaning 'Sun Rising' to the lucky fans.

And before the sun goes down, the glowing Taeyang performed once again the song that hits every music charts, Eyes, Nose, Lips for the last time before bidding farewell to the crowds. It was another spectacular night to be remembered and will be seared into every single fans who attended this concert. Good luck to Taeyang in his World Tour concert and it looks like this solar will continue to rise and shines the cities that he will stop soon.

Kpopstarz would like to thank IME Productions for the media coverage opportunity on this concert.

Writer: Amalina A | Photo Credit: IME Productions

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