Editor's Pick: Block B Rapper Zico Keeps It Jazzy On 'Well Done' Featuring Ja Mezz [VIDEO]

There is no shortage right now of high-energy hits, in K-pop, in hip-hop, in Korea and around the world.

That is why it is all the more appealing that on his new single "Well Done" featuring Ja Mezz, Block B rapper and frontman Zico chose to go in another direction, favoring a more tasteful, classic style of production.

The results are simply fantastic.

With an upright bassline that oozes out of your speakers, jazz-infused piano lines and even a sample of the opening line of the Grateful Dead classic "Dark Star," ("Dark Star crashes...") used as a hook, "Well Done" is just right.

It is exciting when mainstream artists like Zico, whose band Block B are no stranger to the K-pop top 10, show that they have a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their music that goes far beyond any commercial motivation.

 "Well Done" is an innovative hip-hop track featuring two artists clearly at the peak of their talent.

The production on "Well Done" is an interesting blend of both American and Korean rap influences. The dark, cinematic swing of beatmaker J Dilla is clearly in play here. But, perhaps unwittingly, Zico is also sending a major shout-out to one of the standout new hip-hop acts of 2014, Busan-based duo ILLAP.

Both the psychedelic sound of "Well Done" and music video featuring trippy image superimposition shots are highly reminiscent of the ILLAP single "Calm." This isn't a criticism however as there no direct musical correlation and the similarity could be a coincidence.

But the point is that the atmosphere conjured up on "Well Done" is a great one.

While he undoubtedly has a considerable obligation in being a part of an extremely popular band like Block B, let's hope Zico can find some time to collaborate with Ja Mezz some more in the future.

Their sound can put you in the zone.

Watch the music video for "Well Done" featuring Ja Mezz from Block B rapper Zico RIGHT HERE

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