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'Music Core' Showreel: Zion.T And Crush Wins On The February 14, 2015 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 15, 2015 01:05 AM EST


MBC's 'Music Core' is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop idols. Great stage settings and fan chants were all seen and heard on the Saturday's episode.

The stars who made their comeback were MYNAME with "too very so MUCH," 4minute are "Crazy" for their return, TEEN TOP's Niel made his solo debut with "Lovekiller," f(x)'s Amber said "Shake That Brass" for her solo debut, Berry Good with "Because of You," T.S with "Don't Forget Me," hip hop group Rubber Soul made their debut with "Life," and The Nuts with "I Can't Forget You."

Your nominees for the night were Yonghwa, Zion.T with Crush, and Naul as they battled for the trophy. The winner was Zion.T and Crush for their single titled, "Just." Congratulations to them.

Best Performance Recaps From Feb. 14


4minute made their comeback and told the audience to go "Crazy" with them on Saturday. The ladies performed with numerous energy to entertain their fans.


f(x)'s Amber said, "Shake That Brass" as she made her comeback on Saturday. Amber's solo single is fresh and colorful.

Her fans will definitely be jamming to her new song. Red Velvet's Wendy was featured and sang Girls' Generation's Taeyeon's part. The audience loved her performance.

Berry Good

Berry Good made their comeback on the Saturday's episode. The group made their comeback with a cute and fresh concept. The girls sang their new single titled, "Because Of You."

The ladies wore a nice outfit for their performance; which was a white shirt and light green skirt.


MYNAME performed their upbeat single titled, "too very so MUCH" on Saturday. The group made their comeback and entertained the audience with their high energy.

MYNAME are trying out a new concept; which their song is hip hop and fresh.


TEEN TOP's Niel made his hot solo debut on Saturday. Niel sang two of his singles titled, "Affogato" and "Lovekiller." Niel wants to get TEEN TOP more recognized; which he is doing a good job.

The lady's loved his performance as he moved smoothly on stage. Niel wore shiny outfits for his performance.

The Nuts

The Nuts made their comeback on the Saturday's episode. The group sang their new single titled, "I Can't Forget About You."

With each passing hour, the guys cannot forget about the woman whom they loved. The song is soft and emotional. The audience just listened and clapped in the end.

Zion.T and Crush

Zion.T and Crush are showing their great collaboration as they continue entertaining the audience. The two sang their new single titled, "Just."

Zion.T and Crush dressed classy as they wore a long coat and pants. The two thanked their fans for giving them a second trophy.


CNBLUE's Yonghwa sang with his angelic voice and had another "One Fine Day" on Saturday. Yonghwa wore a white suit for his performance. Yonghwa performed flawlessly and entertained the audience.


SHINee's Jonghyun had another great performance as he sang his single titled, "Deja Boo." Zion.T was featured on stage with Jonghyun for the Saturday's episode.

Jonghyun will be ending his solo promotions this week. His single ranks number eight.

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill sang their beautiful single titled, "Child In Time." The song showcases their great voices as they sing about wanting to go back during the time when their young.

The reason is because a child has a stress free life and does not have to worry about work and everyday problems. Sunny Hill's single ranks number 34.


LU:KUS performed their new single titled, "Break Ya" on the Saturday's episode. The females in the audience screamed when they performed on stage. LU:KUS did a great job entertaining the audience even though their performance was cut.

Other Performances

T.S (T-ara, SPEED, The SeeYa, and Seunghee); "Don't Forget Me"

INFINITE H; "Pretty"

Rubber Soul; "Life"

Eddy Kim; "My Love"

Tey; "Dangerous"

Super Cool Guy; "Party Tonight"

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