Kim Hyun Joong And Ex-Girlfriend Release Statements Confirming Pregnancy

Korean star Kim Hyun Joong confirms that he is aware of ex-girlfriend's pregnancy, despite initial confusion from his side.

KeyEast, Kim Hyun Joong's representative agency, updated the media once more about the situation regarding Kim's relationship with his ex-girlfriend, known to the media only by her surname Choi. Despite previous reports, on February 24, KeyEast explained that Kim is aware of Choi's pregnancy, reported the K-Pop Herald, but he has been unable to meet with Choi about the pregnancy. Choi's legal representative also released a statement.

"We are not denying that she is pregnant. Kim learned about it when Choi sent him sonograms of a fetus," clarified KeyEast. "What we are saying is that Kim asked Choi to visit a hospital with him to check her and the baby's condition, but she did not respond."

After a local Korean outlet, Woman Sense, reported that Choi is pregnant with Kim's baby and the two are planning to get married, KeyEast previously announced that Kim was unaware of the pregnancy and had no plans to get married. The latest update clarified Kim's intentions towards Choi and her pregnancy.

Choi's legal representative said that Choi is indeed pregnant and that she has solid evidence, in the form of medical records, to prove her pregnancy.

"It's true that Miss Choi is pregnant," said Choi's lawyer Sun Jong Moon, according Sports Seoul, who interviewed him over phone. "It's also true that Kim Hyun Joong is the father."

"She is currently visiting clinics and getting rest and stability," the lawyer added.

The pregnancy-marriage rumors came to light on February 22, following the Woman Sense article. Kim's then initially denied the allegations on Feb. 23, but KeyEast reaffirmed Kim's intentions to properly take care of Choi's child if she is pregnant. The update on Feb. 24 is meant to clarify that Kim's statement on Feb. 23 was not his denial of her pregnancy, but to reaffirm the fact that Choi has not met Kim at the hospital as requested.

The couple was in the news in 2014, when Choi filed claims against Kim for domestic violence in August. Kim initially denied the accusations, then apologized. Choi dropped the charges, but Kim was still indicted by the Seoul courts and forced to pay 5 million KRW (around $4,600.)

Korean outlet Dispatch reported that the two got back together in December.

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong


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