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Hidden Red Velvet Members Uncovered In 'Happiness' Music Video, Including Yeri?

By Robert Kuang | March 11, 2015 01:27 PM EDT


With Red Velvet planning to introduce a new member for its comeback, rumors are igniting that Yeri may have been in the group's debut music video all along.

On Tuesday, SM Entertainment uploaded a video introducing Yeri, who will join Irene, Wendy, Seulgi and Joy for the release of Red Velvet's first album, "Ice Cream Cake." But in addition to Yeri, a rumor is circulating that Red Velvet will continue to expand, and that additional members can be spotted in the "Happiness" music video.

"I heard a rumor that Red Velvet is just a sub-unit from a 12-member girl group, and that we can see the other eight girls in this music video," wrote YouTube viewer Meliissamg on Tuesday.

"It's just a rumor though, but knowing SM it sounds like something they could do. They're going to be like the female version of EXO."

After some careful observation, the introduction of the "Happiness" music video does include faces that Red Velvet fans do not recognize. Given Yeri's unexpected introduction, the rumors have become widespread.

However, certain fans are reticent about this alleged continuous line-up change.

"I like the new member but this doesn't make sense to me," added YouTuber Xlightthefuse. "I was perfectly content with them being a four-member group."

During an interview with IZE Magazine, Joy commented on the four original members training together prior to their debut.

"The four of us had always practice together," said Joy according to translations by FYeah! Red Velvet.

"I always thought that it would be nice to be with the other members. However, there were always different friends that would come in and work with us. We would practice with them and try it out. Whenever that happened, I couldn't help but be jealous. I spoke like that, and I was really happy when we all ended up being in a team together. I wouldn't have been able to dream of debuting without the other members."

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