Red Velvet's New Member Yeri Garners Attention With Her Talent And Beauty

With SM Entertainment's new girl group Red Velvet making a comeback soon, the new member Yeri is catching much attention.

Yeri has already caught much attention as a member of SM Rookies, the pre-debut team of SM Entertainment. She had revealed great musical talents and beauty, already becoming famous among fans of SM.

Yeri is 16 years old this year and was casted into SM in 2011, with a variety of talents in singing, rapping, and dancing.

SM said, "Red Velvet is now a 5-member group with Yeri and will be showing an upgraded stage in their comeback with a wider range of music spectrum with various talents."

Red Velvet will be releasing their first official album Ice Cream Cake on March 18.

Red Velvet
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