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Ga In Entices Us With Her New Album 'HAWWAH' [REVIEW]

By Edward Leary | March 14, 2015 12:23 PM EDT


After a year hiatus the anticipation is finally over as solo artist and Brown Eyed Girl's member Ga In released her newest mini album "Hawwah" and comes back with an even more tasty image to stimulate everyone's imagination.

Ga In never fails to provide a sexy image to her audience and this time she comes back even stronger, daring and still dignified. On March 12th, Ga In released her 4th solo album "Hawwah" that features guest singers/lyricists Jay Park, Dok2, Mad Clown and Wheesung. Featuring over 6 tracks, the two lead singles "Paradise Lost" and "Apple" capture the essence of Ga In's sultry image and womanly style.

Without fail, Ga In has already swept the charts with an all-kill on over 9 music charts! "Paradise Lost" is definitely showing signs of popularity due to the abundance of skin and sexy that can be found throughout the whole MV (especially the end)! With a holy sound, accompanied by the mystique ab-libs and organ, it really leaves a deep impression when listening.

It is believed the influences are drawn from a biblical sense of "Adam and Eve" and the impression of love and desire aka the "Forbidden Fruit." The line between lust and romance is a thin one and Ga In spices things up with her passionate concept.

Ga In exercises her choreography with class, steering away from the rage of twerking and booty popping but rather with style as she wildly uses her body and flexibility to seduce the camera. These dance moves also highlight her body strength, apple hips and capture the classic sex appeal that Ga In is known for, highlighting the body rather than the parts. Definitely appreciate this classy variation of the "Body Bounce" over Nicki Minaj's version.

Of course the MV is littered with innuendos but aren't most MVs filled with some sort of indirect message, especially when it comes to a sexy theme? If it could be compared to an American song, Beyonce's "Partition" may just take the cake. If it isn't the visuals than the lyrics will lay it out for you.

Check out the MV below, with English subtitles, and see for yourself.

Now if the first song wasn't what you were expecting (I know I wasn't ready!), then get ready to put some pep in your step with a sassy flirty track that is perfect for Spring. "Apple", the second lead song, is real ear candy that exemplifies the classic sounds and styles I feel best suits Ga In. Sexy and fun, yet still showing some skin, it is almost refreshing to see Ga In in her red one piece throughout the MV. There isn't necessarily a wow factor in the choreography but seeing Ga In full of spirit in each step makes anyone want to dance. The sounds, accompanied by the smooth voice of rap phenomenon Jay Park, makes this song beautifully irrestiable the moment it starts. Let's not forget that catchy "Don't Don't Don't Don't" and "Do Do Do Do" and the bit of Fergie homage (Four Tres Two Uno).

What saddens anyone is that the MV is only 2 minutes, however, maybe it makes it just more desirable to hear over and over again. The lyrics seem to suggest that Ga In herself is this forbidden fruit (apple) but there is nothing wrong with giving into a little temptation. If this song is "bad" then I don't want to be good! Ga In can agree as she questioned her 19+ rating on her lead song due to suggestive lyrics. Ga In explained that...

"'Apple' received a 19+ rating. It's a song that's not completely explicit, but rather expresses the racy feeling well. It's really a shame it didn't get through the deliberation. The lyrics 'I want to do it because you tell me not to, I want to have it because you tell me not to' expresses the overall theme of greed, but I guess if you think of it in a provocative way, I guess it can sound sexual. But still it's upsetting it didn't pass the judging [for general broadcast]."

Ga In even went the distance to change her body shape to accomplish a more fuller figure as she stated in her CGV press conference that...

"Seeing how the song's title is 'Apple,' the director viewed the 'apple hip' as the trend these days and requested that I got them, so I exercised. I have such a thin body with no volume, so I thought to myself I needed to create a body that'd be good to see; I only worked out my lower half for three months without taking a single day off. I said I was going to make my lower body big, and I did.

While making my body, I went to a media event where an article came out that I gained weight, so I felt dispirited. I thought to myself that something like this might not suit me, but I didn't give up. I wanted to show a healthy and flexible image, too."

While netizens may say otherwise about her current weight change, I say there is nothing wrong with having some curve appeal. In the end it is about her music not the size of her waist, which is healthy either way. Check out her body paired with the sweet apple melody in her music video below!

After seeing this much awaited comeback of Ga In, I feel she didn't disappoint. Although, "Apple" really is the most ear pleasing song on her track list, especially for this happy-go-lucky season, both songs capture a side of Ga In that we never fail to see - she's sexy and she knows it! She is a classy woman who has love to give, and she does it just right with each sound and dance step.If you can't get enough of these enticing songs check out the rest of her tracks "Free Will," "The First Temptation," "Two Women, and "Guilty" for more sensual music.

In other news, many artists are making solo comebacks and we are curious how the competition will hold up, or even outshine, Ga In with her sexy style. Our bets are on Girl's Day's Minah. Let's see how the K-pop scene will take to these two charming ladies brand new sounds.

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