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'Music Core' Showreel: Shinhwa Wins On The March 14, 2015 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | March 15, 2015 10:30 AM EDT


MBC's Music Core is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on the March 14 episode.

The stars who made their comeback were Ga In with "Paradise Lost," Mad Town are in a "New World" for their return, Shannon asked "Why Why," and Yoon Hyun Sang made his comeback with "Time Forgets."

Your nominees were XIA, MC Mong, and Shinhwa as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner for the fourth time was Shinhwa for their single titled, "Sniper." Congratulations to them.

This being said, here are the best performance recaps from March 14.

Best Performance Recaps

Ga In

Ga In made her comeback on the March 14 episode. She danced sexy on the stage as she sang her new single titled, "Paradise Lost."

The snake choreography is one that her fans are loving. Ga In is known to be daring and will not mind getting bruises on her knees and legs.

Loud fan chants were heard from the audience as they are loving Ga In's new single. Ga In had to modify her choreography because the original one is inappropriate for the public viewers.


Shannon made her comeback on the March 14 episode. She wore an adorable school girl outfit and sang her new single titled, "Why Why." The message of the song is about her falling in love with a schoolmate.

The audience enjoyed her performance because fan chants from the males were heard.


Shinhwa had another flawless performance as they sang their hit single titled, "Sniper." The guys are proving that age is just a number as they look young and handsome. The members are all in their 30's.

Shinhwa are hitting their targets because they won another trophy. Their trophy count is now four.

Donghae and Eunhyuk

Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk are feeling some "Growing Pains" on the March 14 episode.

Their single ranks number 10 on the music show's chart this week. Fans are hoping that the two can win some trophies on the music programs.

"Really awesome!!! Donghae&Eunhyuk fighting!!!," wrote YouTube viewer hong nguyen in a comment posted on the website Saturday.


4minute were energetic and hyped as they sang their hit single titled, "Crazy." This week, the ladies are ending their promotions.

4minute has one more performance to do until they promotions is over. Their single ranks number five this week.


Amber told her fans to "Shake That Brass" as she entertained the audience once again. Lovelyz's Kei showed her amazing vocals as she is going to be standing on stage with Amber this week. Her single ranks number 21 this week.


The VIXX members are well rested and energetic as they sang their single titled, "Love Equation." VIXX's single ranks number four this week.

Just like how their single is bright and fun, so too are the outfits they wear on stage. "VIXX so cute with this costume♡ Love it!!!," wrote YouTube viewer suprkaopod in a comment posted on the website Saturday. VIXX fans are loving their performances each week.


Boyfriend told their fans to "Bounce" along with them on the March 14 episode. Boyfriend are looking stylish with their outfits. Their concept is based of Alice in Wonderland.

Nine Muses

Nine Muses and their tight leather black outfits is one that never goes wrong for them. Looking beautiful and showcasing their perfect voices, Nine Muses caused another "Drama" on the March 14 episode.

The camera person did a great job capturing each of the members while they performed. Their single ranks number 26 this week.


B.I.G; which is an abbreviation for 'Boys in Groove' are really dancing with their new single titled, "Between Night n Music." Loud female screams from the audience were heard while the guys performed.

While still an underrated male group, the guys are receiving lots of love from their fans.

Other Performances

Lovelyz; "Hi~"

Eric Nam; "I'm Ok"

A-ble; "BangYa"

Other performances for the March 14 episode were Mad Town, Yoon Hyun Sang, Yeondu, Anda, and Niel.

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