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Mystical Icon Zeena Schreck Launches Official Webpage Zeena Art

By Tony Sokol | March 15, 2015 01:08 PM EDT


Zeena Schreck announced Zeena Art, the official webpage and blog exclusively devoted to the art, music, writings, magic and mysticism of the iconic figure of the left hand path.

Zeena is an artist, musician, author, photographer, animal rights activist, magician and mystic. Her art stems from a lifetime's experience within magical, pagan, shamanistic, and tantric traditions.  Zeena is a mystical icon, born to a family of celebrated American magicians, she eschewed their teachings to follow an Eastern spiritual path.

The Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist, who goes by the single name Zeena, is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist yogini in the Drikung, Karma Kagyu and Nyingma lineages. She practiced and taught magic and meditation for over 30 years. Zeena is the Hemet-neter Tepi Seth of the Sethian Liberation Movement. Biographical info about Zeena can be found at Daily Offbeat.

The Zeena Art webpage and blog focus on Zeena's art, music, writings and news of coming events and seminars. The site also features a store for Zeena's artwork, music and writings.

Zeena was a composer and performer with the experimental sonic magical musical project Radio Werewolf from 1988 through 1993. She recently released "The Vinyl Solution-Analog Artifacts: Ritual Instrumentals and Undercover Versions" from the group.

Zeena made her first American appearance since her 1990 expatriation to Europe on Nov. 8, 2013, Friday, when she transmitted sacred syllables from Vajrayana, Shaktism and Sethian-Typhonian left-way tantric practices for "Zeena Schreck, Live From the Eye of the Storm." The evening was organized by visual artist Frank Haines and presented by Performa-13 at the Community Church of New York in New York City. 

Zeena conducts regular Vajrayana-Dharma workshops in Berlin, on such topics as "Living in the Kali Yuga." She teaches a course "on how to establish, in small workable increments, Tantric Buddhist foundation practices suited to everyday life, designed to last a lifetime and beyond." Each workshop ends with a silent Shinay/Shamatha Meditation.

In 2013, Zeena contributed several pieces for Vice magazine.

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