Monsta X Reveal Fun Facts About Themselves In The March Issue Of Singles

Starship Entertainment's newest boy group Monsta X had a classy, black-and-white pictorial in the March issue of Singles. Four members from the yet-to-debut band (Kihyun, Jooheon, Shownu, Wonho) shared the pictorial with renowned Starship Entertainment artists Junggigo, Mad Clown, and Jooyoung.

Regarding the photoshoot, a Starship Entertainment representative stated, "Since the end of NO.MERCY, Monsta X has received a flood of requests for pictorial and ad features. Despite spending their full time in preparing for their debut, they are quite please to have featured in their first fashion magazine pictorial. Please give them a lot of love."

During the accompanying interview, fun trivia facts about the rookies were revealed.

Kihyun shared his favorite song is Joe Hisaishi's "Merry-Go-Round" from the Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack. He also stated that he would like to release a duet with fellow Monsta X member Hyungwon this year.

Jooheon admitted that he has an intense obsession with hats and is the type of guy to appear cold in front of a woman, but in reality is really caring on the inside.

Meanwhile, Shownu said he wants to be the kind of artist that is never satisfied and always eager to digest new genres of music.

Wonho showed his comedic side when he chose jogger pants as the item he is most attached to emotionally because of how comfortable they feel.

The members also discussed which female stars in the Korean entertainment industry they would like to eventually collaborate with musically. Kihyun chose idol darling IU; Jooheon picked Unpretty Rapstar's Jessica H.O. and "Angel" songstress Yoon Mirae; Shownu singled out the queen of collaborations SISTAR's Soyu; and Wonho said he would collaborate with any female rapper.

Monsta X recently snagged their very first endorsement deal with apparel brand Litmus.


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