Ashley Wagner Discusses Her Game Plan For The 2015 World Figure Skating Championships And Olympic Individual Medal

Pegged as the favorite US woman to win get on the podium since 2007, Ashley Wagner has more than just the 2015 Figure Skating Championships in mind.

Speaking with NBC Sports, Wagner discussed her game plan for keeping the young Russian skaters-including Elena Radionova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Anna Pogorilaya-from sweeping the podium.

"I need to get all the levels on my spins and my footwork and have a clean-edge [triple] Lutz," said Wagner on Monday. "I know that it's going to be a little bit more difficult at Worlds because it's going to be compared against many, many flawless triple Lutzes. So I'm going need to make sure that that outside edge is very clear. And the triple-triple [jump] combination, which I think at the past couple competitions I've shown I'm really capable of doing it. Now I just really need to consistently keep on delivering it."

As a new quadrennial begins until the 2018 Winter Olympics, Wagner also felt confident the US women will rebuild similar to Russia leading up to last year's Olympics.

"It's kind of like how training hubs change as years go by," Wagner said. "Colorado Springs is a training hub. Then Boston is a training hub. It's just a natural process for different countries to be stronger at different times. Japan was reigning with Mao Asada for a long time. Right now, they're building up their junior ladies field. Russia had a drought for a very long time. Now look at them. I know that for the U.S. it's uncommon to have such a long drought, but I think that we now finally have a very talented field."

But Wagner is ever conscious of her ultimate goal of obtaining an Olympic medal in the individual competition.

"The whole reason I'm in this sport is to get that Olympic medal," said Wagner. "[If I win a Worlds medal] I think I would start thinking ahead, start planning to figure out how I would try to take over the world."



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