Apple iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Release Date Download Available After March 27? [RUMORS]

The jailbreak for the Apple iOS 8.2 update is rumored to have a release date after March 27, following the 2015 Mobile Security Summit in Beijing. 

Jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has warned Apple users about the forthcoming iOS 8.2 jailbreak release date: "Jailbreakers stay away from today's 8.2 update for now, or you will get burned," he wrote on Twitter.

Apple hosted a launch program for its newest Apple Watch on March 9, where the company revealed the release date of the iOS 8.2 update.

Although the current iOS version has features preventing jailbreaking, the iOS 8.2 update is said to have capabilities for its own jailbreak. Since there have been new betas released for the update, the company has yet to produce patches for those openings, Gotta Be Mobile reports.

The new Apple iOS 8.1.3 update features several issues revolving around Wi-Fi connectivity.

Most of these issues have affected iPad and iPhone users using the update.

Apple is also currently working on making updates smaller in size for the upcoming iOS 9 release date, 9to5Mac reports.



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