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'M! Countdown' Highlights: Shinhwa Wins #1 And Defeats Ga In On The March 19, 2015 Episode + Performance Recaps

By James B | March 20, 2015 08:33 AM EDT


Mnet's M! Countdown is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars. Great fan chants and stage settings were seen and heard on the March 19 episode. For the March 19 episode, M! Countdown celebrated their 20th anniversary.

The stars who made their comeback were Stellar with "Fool," Mad Town are in a "New World" for their return, V.O.S with "Someday," Girl's Day's Minah made her hot solo debut with "I am a Woman Too," Red Velvet brought sweetness with "Ice Cream Cake," and CLC made their debut with "PEPE." With the comebacks, there were also special performances from SHINee and CNBLUE's Jungshin.

Your nominees for the March 19 episode were Shinhwa and Ga In as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was Shinhwa for their single titled, "Sniper." Congratulations to them.

This being said, here are the best performance recaps from March 19.

Best Performance Recaps From The March 19 Episode


The beautiful ladies of Stellar made their comeback on the March 19 episode. The ladies sang their new single titled, "Fool." They wore black leather outfits for their performance. Stellar showcased their beautiful voices and entertained the audience.


Cube Entertainment's new female group CLC made their debut on the March 19 episode. The ladies started with a cute and pure single titled, "First Love." Here the song showcased their beautiful voices.

Then the group sang their main single titled, "PEPE." The group is already receiving love from the audience. CLC is an abbreviation which means 'Crystal Clear.' Based on their abbreviation, this ladies are shining with perfection and does not need to work hard in order to gain popularity.

CLC is a multi-national group; which the average age is 18. All the ladies are talented when it comes to playing an instrument, dancing, and singing.

Girl's Day's Minah

Girl's Day's Minah made her hot solo debut on the March 19 episode. Minah sang her new single titled, "I am a Woman Too."

Minah wore a classy outfit for her performance. The outfit is simple; but beautiful.

Minah's new solo single is safe and one that showcases her beautiful voice. The hip choreography is probably not needed; which YouTube viewers commented on.

"The dance doesn't fit the song in some parts," wrote YouTube viewer asianmusicfreak in a comment posted on the website Thursday.

Red Velvet

SM Entertainment's female group Red Velvet are showing two different sides to them. For their first performance, the ladies performed their new single titled, "Automatic."

This single is a mature one; which shows that the group can be sexy when needed. After "Automatic," Red Velvet performed their bright and cute concept single titled, "Ice Cream Cake."

Red Velvet now consist of five members. They are Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, Joy, and Yerin. The group received some screams for their comeback performance on March 19.


Duo ballad male group V.O.S sang their new single titled, "Someday." The guys made their comeback and showcased their great voices to the audience. The audience enjoyed their comeback performance. Their single ranks number 16 this week.


SHINee made an appearance on the March 19 episode. The guys had a great performance as they sang their previous hit single titled, "Love Like Oxygen."

This song gave them their first win. Also, this song shows how far the group has come since their debut. SHINee had a great time performing this song. The fans enjoyed their performance as well. SHINee will be making their comeback in Korea; which the fans are excited regarding what concept and style of music they will bring.

"It felt amazing inside my heart... pride, happiness, gratefulness :') SHINee has become a great example for new groups and still growing as artists and persons with a humble heart. This special stage felt like reminiscing~ I'll waiting eagerly for their comeback," wrote YouTube viewer Teresa Go in a comment posted on the website Thursday.

CNBLUE's Jungshin

Not known for being one who sings, CNBLUE's Jungshin stood on stage by himself and sang the single titled, "I Want To Fall In Love."

Jungshin did a good job and expressed the emotion very well through his voice. The audience enjoyed his special stage performance.

"OMG This makes me wanna cry :') His voice is so beautiful! I didn't knew he could sing like this...
Proud of cnblue's maknae ♥," wrote YouTube viewer Lazy Yoongi in a comment posted on the website Thursday.

Ga In

Ga In performed the original choreography for her single titled, "Paradise Lost." She moved gracefully on stage as she entertained her fans. With a dark and sexy concept, Ga In was up for nomination. Unfortunately, she did not win a trophy.

Her fans are loving her new single; which she could be up for a trophy nomination and possibly win a trophy this week.

Donghae and Eunhyuk

Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk had some fun as they sang the single titled, "Can You Feel It" on the March 19 episode.

The choreography is catchy; which the audience copied while Donghae and Eunhyuk were performing. Donghae and Eunhyuk showed their great friendship while they performed.

The duo also sang their hit single titled, "Growing Pains." The song ranks number four on the music show's chart this week.


Lovelyz sang their adorable new single titled, "Hi~." The ladies showcased their beautiful voices as they entertained the audience.

Lovelyz wore a beautiful white colored short dress for their performance. Their single ranks number seven on the music show's chart this week.


GOT7 made an appearance and sang JJ Project's single titled, "Bounce." The guys had a great time and performed with lots of energy. The guys were happy to be performing on stage and for their fans.

The new MC's for the music show are Jr. and BamBam; which they got the whole group together and had a special stage performance for this song.

JJ Project was a duo group that consisted of members Jr. and JB.


Shannon sang her new love single titled, "Why Why" on the March 19 episode. Her backup male dancer was replaced. Shannon wore a blue colored spring short dress for her performance.

Shannon showcased her great voice and amazing talent. Her single ranks number 19 this week.

Other Performances

Anda; "Mastering"

Boyfriend; "Bounce"

FIESTAR; "You're Pitiful"

Mad Town; "New World"

HEYNE; "My Heart"

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