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Review: P-Type Turns Neil Young's 'Southern Man' Into Rap Gold On 'The Stranger' Featuring Chaboom [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | March 23, 2015 08:07 PM EDT


There isn't a classic rock fan alive that doesn't know the blistering 1970 Neil Young track "Southern Man." The legendary Canadian songwriter's fearless indictment of the American South inspired Lynyrd Skynyrd to defend their homeland in "Sweet Home Alabama."

But whatever your thoughts are on "Southern Man," from Young's seminal album "After The Gold Rush," it's a song (and an album) that once you hear, you never forget.

That's why it is both exciting and impressive to hear South Korean underground rappers P-Type and Chaboom harness the song's power to create something new on "The Stranger."

As any fan of P-Type or his hip-hop collective the Bulhandang Crew already knows, this assemblage of hip-hop heads is turning out some highly innovative hip-hop, all with a sound that is firmly rooted in the history of rap music. "The Stranger" from P-Type's rock solid new album "Street Poetry," released on Friday, is further proof of this fact.

P-Type and Chaboom run through a gauntlet of styles on "The Stranger" that although appearing to be mere rapid gunfire at first, are revealed to be artfully nuanced performances from both, upon closer listen.

One obvious criticism of "The Stranger" would be that there is a bit too much "Southern Man" in the mix. A common mistake from hip-hop producers sampling classic songs with too many great bits, "The Stranger" would feel a lot more like its own jam than a Neil Young rap remix if P-Type had stuck to just the main piano loop or at the very least avoided using Neil's vocal line in the verse of "Southern Man" as the song's hook.

But even if "The Stranger" is really just a solid Neil Young rap remix, what the heck is wrong with that?

Listen to the song "The Stranger" featuring Chaboom from P-Type's new album "Street Poetry" RIGHT HERE

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