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FTISLAND Redefine Their Style With Self-Composed 'Pray' [VIDEO]

By Staff Writer | March 24, 2015 09:20 AM EDT


With one music video, FTISLAND changed their image forever.

On March 22, FTISLAND released the music video for their song "Pray," a day before releasing the group's first wholly self-composed album, "I Will." The combination of the two heralded a new era for the original K-pop idol band.

FTISLAND's previous releases were songs stylized by the group's company to match the ears of K-pop listeners around the world, but "Pray" reinvents the group's style as a rock band in control of its future.

No longer is FTISLAND an idol group with a band concept, but "Pray" buts the band out of the realm of K-pop idols.

FTISLAND debuted in 2007 as one of the first instrumental idol bands. Following the group's success, FNC Entertainment, FTISLAND's agency, debuted CNBLUE, another male instrumental idol-band, and AOA, a girl group that began as an idol-band but abandoned the concept.

Throughout eight years, FTISLAND's skill gained the group a large international fandom, releasing albums that attracted K-pop and rock listeners alike. With the group's newest album, "I Will," FTISLAND's members revealed their true musical identity for the first time. The songs, like "Pray" are darker, more insightful than usually seen in K-pop, and show a new side to FTISLAND.

The music video for "Pray," along with being edgier and darker conceptually, focuses less on the idols and more on the music, with dizzying filmography to match the rock sound.

The new style led to "Pray" appearing on Korean music charts shortly after release, leading singer Lee Hongki to thank FTISLAND fans on Twitter.

Prior to releasing the album, FTISLAND spoke to Billboard about the importance of "I Will" to the group as its first self-composed album.

"Each song on this upcoming album means a lot to us," said the group. "And the lyrics mean a lot of things to us -- that's really it."

The entire album is composed in part by FTISLAND members, particularly Jonghyun, who composed the title song "Pray."

As for the reason that FTISLAND decided to change their style for this album?

"We think that when we were little and at the beginning of our careers, there were more fans who just loved us for our visuals and the 'bling bling.' We believe now there are more fans who love -- who truly love -- our music and trust in our musical ability and capacity."

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