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90's K-Pop Group Re.f Plans Return In April After 17-Year Hiatus

By Staff Writer | March 25, 2015 09:22 AM EDT


One first generation K-pop group is planning to bring rave music back to South Korea.

R.ef, a three member K-pop group formed in 1995, is planning to reunite for an appearance in April. This will be the group's first performance in seventeen years, since the trio's last concert in 1998. Following the concert, R.ef went on hiatus due to personal reasons.

R.ef will reunite as a trio for a special broadcast of Saturday Night Music Show Super Concert on April 25.

Park Chul Woo, Sung Dae Hyun, and Lee Sung Wook debuted as R.ef in 1995 and went on hiatus in 1998. R.ef released a surprise song "Love is Hard," in 2004, but have not performed together since 1998.

First generation K-pop reunions from the 90's gained much attention in 2014 after Infinity Challenge hosted a special, "TOTOGA" line up. Following the airing of the special, songs from the 90's by groups like S.E.S and Turbo reappeared on Korean music charts.

R.ef was formed to introduce rave music to Korea, but also performed hip hop and ballad music. The group's name R.ef is an acronym for "rave effect."

The group's debut, and most popular, song "Farewell Formula," was reintroduced into K-pop in 2015 by idol group VIXX. VIXX remade the song, and released it under the new name "Love Equation" in February.

In 2012, R.ef announced an upcoming album, which has yet to be released.

Along with R.ef reuniting for Saturday Night Music Show Super Concert, other popular acts like Jinusean, Koyote, DJ Doc, Chuli and Miae, Goofy, Kim Gun Mo, Clon, Roo'ra, C.O.O.L, Young Turks Club, Kim Won Joon, Park Mi Kyung, Jo Sung Mo, Kim Hyung Jung, WAX, Cho PD, and Lee Jung Hyun will also be appearing on April 25.

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