Jooyeon Says Goodbye To After School During Emotional 'Graduation Ceremony' In Tokyo

Jooyeon got emotional as she bid farewell to her After School group members and fans at her graduation ceremony.

The girl group operates with a rotating roster of members who periodically "graduate" from the group and are replaced by new members.

After School fans went to Jooyeon's graduation and fan club event where the singer got emotional after feeling the overwhelming support and love from fans of the girl group.

Japanese news media outlet Sankei Sports published an article regarding Jooyeon's graduation ceremony on Tuesday, March 24.

"Jooyeon, who left her team to follow an acting career, shed tears at the fan club event held at the Negishi Tokyo Cinema in Tokyo on the 20th," according to a report by the Japanese media.

During the ceremony, Jooyeon talked about how sad she is to be leaving the group. Also, she thanked the fans who attended the ceremony on March 20.

"I'm happy I got to meet you all today too," said Jooyeon at the event, according to reports.

"This is my last time as a part of After School. I'm very sad, but I'll show you a better side of myself in the future. I'll work hard as an actress from now on."

The singer is said to have started crying after starting her speech.

"Thank you so much. I wanted to end it with a smile, but I'm so overwhelmed, my tears came out. I won't be able to stand on stage with my members anymore, but if a good opportunity arises, I hope we get together."

After School members Nana and Jung Ah got emotional to see Jooyeon graduate from the group. "We won't be apart forever, so don't be too sad," said Nana.

"It's been 7 years since I met Jooyeon since the trainee days. I trust that she'll succeed as an actress, and I'll support her quietly from afar," said Jung Ah as she will support Jooyeon as she takes on acting.

With Jooyeon leaving the group, Jung Ah is the only first generation member left. Soyoung, Bekah, and Kahi were the other first generation members who graduated from After School. The ladies left in 2009, 2011, and 2012 respectively.

With Jooyeon leaving her singing career, she now plans to take on acting. She has already signed a contract with Better ENT. Better ENT is home to many known actors and actresses such as Song Seung Hun, Chae Jung An, and Kim Min Jung.

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