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Marilyn Manson On Tour For New Album ‘The Pale Emperor’; Talks About Heavy Blues Rock Shift

By Nate Mardukas | March 25, 2015 11:49 PM EDT


The band Marilyn Manson is on their "Hell Not Halleluiah" tour to support their newest album "The Pale Emperor."

The group is set to headline a few festivals and is scheduled for a few shows on the road.

The "Antichrist Superstar" is currently on the road this March and is set to continue with his shows across North America before visiting Europe in June.

In a report by Faster Louder, a slight difference in the music of Marilyn Manson can be heard on the new album "The Pale Emperor." A heavier "dirty bluesy hard rock" was said to be the new sound.

Manson explained how the group did a little bit of genre switch, which is said to have been effective for the group.

"The thing that I learned more about the blues being not simply the sound of the slide guitar, or something of that nature sonically, or the nature of a chord progression or a phrase that is very hypnotic, I just learned that it's being about the person singing and the person listening," Manson said. "You create a character and a story together somehow and it's going to be different for everyone."

The 46-year-old also claimed that the switch "just happened" and is expected to be heard from the band for a while.

"Tyler just plugged in a guitar and put a microphone in front of me and we just started and that's what came out. We recorded it very quickly," he added.

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