A Pink Charm Like White Angels At Pink Paradise Press Conference In Singapore

A Pink recently completed their first ever Pink Paradise solo tour in Singapore. A press conference was held at The Max Pavillion, Singapore Expo, prior to the concert. Despite their hectic schedule, A Pink did not show any bit of fatigue and gave plenty of subtle fanservice to the 300 lucky Pink Pandas (A Pink fans) who were selected to be amongst the media.

The 6 members descended upon the press conference venue looking like white angels. Decked in a mix of sparkling white lace and flora, the ladies exuded innocence and a feminine charm. They greeted the media and fans and introduced themselves in English. It was commendable to see A Pink trying their best to overcome the language barrier and speak as much English as possible.

Answering the first question about the group's impression of Singapore, Eun Ji started off with English but later switched to her native language. After struggling to find the right English words to express herself, she finally apologised saying, "Sorry, I'm Korean, sorry!" leading to bouts of laughter from the audience. Having been in Singapore twice before, Eunji expressed her gratitude to fans who have been tirelessly supporting them. In some cases, sacrificing their sleep and time to welcome A Pink at the airport or greet the members early in the morning. This Pink Paradise concert is "like a dream come true".

For the brand new year 2015, Leader Chorong hinted at the possibility of a new album release. She also hoped to extend their Pink Paradise concert to become a word tour. Bo Mi was surprised when she was asked if she would release her own song 'Annyeong Goodbye'. Turning red and looking rather abashed, Bo Mi revealed that she is doing song compositions one step at a time and has developed an interest for it now. Who knows, we might get more self-composed songs from these talented ladies?

Member Na Eun impressed the media with her rather fluent and proficient English as she tackled several questions during the Press Conference. Talking about her personal ambition, she hopes to improve her health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We sure do hope they get sufficient rest and time off from their busy idol schedule!

As this is their first ever solo tour since debut, the ladies might have looked slightly nervous as they are bombarded with camera flashes and questions. Nevertheless, Na Eun mantained her composure and expressed in fluent English that "it is an honour to have our first concert outside of Korea, in Singapore."

An interesting question which had the girls bursting into laughter was: "What would they say no to (in reference to their hit song No No No), for instance when asked to go for a sexy concept." Although it is a tough question, Chorong's reply focused on the importance of style for a girl group and how the members "try to say yes and stay positive".

Nearing the end of the press conference, a member of the media requested for A Pink to show off their individual talents. To which their reply was that it will all be revealed at their much-anticipated concert. And true enough the concert was a ball of a paradise! Stay tuned for the report on that.

The press conference ended with a photo call session as the media spammed the shutter button of their cameras. Waving goodbye to fans and the media, A Pink exited the venue to prepare for the concert later that evening.

Special thanks to Three Angles Production for inviting KpopStarz.com to cover APink Pink Paradise in Singapore 2015

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin

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