Tony Ahn-Produced Boy Band SMASH Disbands

Another K-Pop boy band bites the dust. SMASH, the five-man group formed by former H.O.T. member Tony An, has already disbanded, reports Soompi.

SMASH's breakup comes as belated news to fans as the decision to part ways was already made last year. Three main reasons cited for the group dissolution were personal reasons, military enlistment and the departure of original members.

 "At one point in 2014, we worked extremely hard to choose and train new members to revive SMASH. We sent a newly organized SMASH to the stage with new members and prepared for a single album," a representative from the group reportedly said.

"In October, we promoted the single album and followed up with a year-end concert. This is when Minkyu left the group due to personal reasons, and we ended up letting go of three original members," the representative added.

Minkyu married in January 3 to his girlfriend.

SMASH debuted in 2008 with "Open Fire!" and has promoted in Korea and Japan under TN Entertainment and For Life Music Entertainment, respectively, but were most active in Japan.

SMASH released two mini-albums and one single in Korea, and one album and five singles in Japan.

The group began with six members but member Cheonwoo departed before their Japanese debut.

With SMASH having wrapped up its activities, Tony An will likely be focusing on the five-member girl group he plans to debut in the first half of 2015, according to Soompi.

"The group's name or title song have yet to be decided, but they are aiming for an early-2015 debut," an insider reportedly said.

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