Iron Makes His Debut With 'Blu' Following Polaris Entertainment Office Police Raid

Iron, the season 3 runner-up of Show Me the Money (SMTM) recently made his official debut with "Blu," featuring singer Bablyon.

This is the first digital single from the undergroup rap artist who celebrated with a release party on March 28th. With this debut, he is the latest addition to the collective progress of the DaeNamHyup crew in the growing hip-hop scene in South Korea.

Iron, born Jung Hunchul, raps over a mellow beat, accent with the funk stylings of Bablyon. The track provides space and opportunity for his distinct delivery to take listeners on a smooth journey with him. It is the ideal contribution to shift attention from the recent police raid on Polaris Entertainment's parent company Ilkwang Group. The scandal delayed his March comeback, prolonging the anticipation of fans.

"'Blu’ is a hip-hop track seasoned with modern rock," explained Iron in an interview with Hiphopplaya released shortly before the song's release. "It was jointly made by Simo, who is writing Korean hiphop history, and Supreme Boi and Gizmo, who will write Korean hiphop history from now on. And of course I personally participated in writing the lyrics."

"It is actually difficult to define what the track is about," Iron said. "I wrote the lyrics hoping that everyone who listens to it will interpret it differently. To some it could be a break-up song, to others it can be something else."

"I’d like to give everyone who listens to it room to find their very own interpretation."

Since SMTM ended over 6 months ago, Iron has kept a relatively low profile until he updated his Instagram account with an image for 'Blu.' Nonetheless, Iron's debut has been applauded by others in the music industry, including AOA's Jimin and SHINee's Jonghyun.

Check out Iron, Babylon and K-pop veteran Ivy in "Blu."

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