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Block B Unit Group BASTARZ Criticized For Kimono-Undressing 'Conduct Zero' Teaser Video

By Michael Jamias | April 10, 2015 09:50 AM EDT


Block B sub-unit BASTARZ - which was recently unveiled to include the trio of U-Kwon, P.O. and B-Bomb - is coming under fire due their controversial new teaser clip for 'Conduct Zero"

The clip shows several women undressing their kimonos, a Japanese traditional garment, while the sub-unit trio sings on-screen.

An online user created a new topic on Pann, a discussion board similar to Reddit, expressing his dislike for the new trailer because of how it portrays Japanese culture, reports Koreaboo.

This comes at a time when political relations between Korea and Japan are testy due to the insisted wartime sex slave crimes said to have been committed by the latter country.

Most comments focused on imagining what kind of outrage Korean citizens would feel if a similar portrayal were done to women wearing hanboks, the Korean traditional garment that is equivalent to kimonos.

"What is this? Why are there random women in kimonos and why are they taking their clothes off? Imagine if a Japanese idol shot a music video in a traditional Korean home and they were stripping women in Korean hanboks," said one of the highest-liked comments on Pann, according to an English translation by Netizenbuzz.

"They don't seem to know how to walk in another's shoes. Imagine if a Japanese idol put women in Korean hanboks and stripped them like this, it'd be so controversial," said another popular comment.

Block B member Zico is no stranger to controversy and scrutiny, having been previously criticized for his solo song "Tough Cookie" which some fans and critics deemed suggestive of negative stereotypes and indulgent in its use of violent imagery.

"'Tough Cookie' is the latest example of the struggle that Korean entertainment faces when it attempts to appeal to domestic audiences in Korea, while also potentially alienating fans who are abroad," said KPopStarz's Adrienne Stanley in her opinion piece.

"Many fans have turned to K-Pop to avoid the images of violence which are prominently displayed in hip-hop subgenres such as gangster rap," she added.

Do you share the negative reaction of online users to the BASTARZ teaser clip?

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