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'The Expendables 4' Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger Encourages Sylvester Stallone To Write Script; Sly Having Second Thoughts Making A Fourth Installment?

By Joey Parsons | April 13, 2015 04:19 PM EDT


There is no denying that the demand for "The Expendables 4" is high, which is why iconic action stars are linked to join "The Expendables 4" cast.

However, it seems like Sylvester Stallone is having second thoughts on making another installment but Arnold Schwarzenegger wants him to know that he should go for it.

"The Expendables 4" cast member Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke with USA today to share some of the film's current progress. He said, despite the lackluster third installment, the franchise remains promising and Sylvester Stallone should definitely write a script for "The Expendables 4."

"I just think it's a terrific franchise," he said. "I told Sly to write another one or have someone else write another one. A really terrific story. Because I think it's a great idea to have an ensemble piece with that many action heroes in a movie. Especially if the comedy is really done well. It could be a great story. There's definitely room for another one."

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only one who believes in Stallone's ideas. Jason Statham had an interview with IGN and the actor said he is not leaving "The Expendables 4" cast anytime soon and is willing to reprise the role of Rakeem Christmas as much as Stallone wants. 

"Working with Sylvester Stallone is beyond a pinch yourself moment. I remember growing up watching his films. And to be directed by him and to be in a movie that he's produced and to be shoulder to shoulder with Sly is a privilege any man who loves action movies would never turn their nose up at. I mean, it's terrific. I'll do as many as he wants," he said.

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