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K-Pop Review: INFINITE H - Fly High [Debut Mini Album]

By Staff Reporter | January 12, 2013 03:16 AM EST


Let's rewind a bit. The last time we heard from the group, Infinite, they were on various series of tours for showcases, concerts, individual activities, promotions and practicing nonstop for specials on award and music shows. That was just in 2012 alone.

Well it's a new year and their company, Woollim Entertainment, releases their first sub-group (officially). Infinite H or rather Infinite Hip-Hop, is known to fans who attended their showcases or on their previous album: 'OVER THE TOP' with one track.

Speaking of this specific duo, Infinite H, used promotions in tied of their hosting activities on M! Countdown. In which they all did a special dance performance on the show.

In Infinite H, the duo (Jang Dongwoo and Lee Howon [Hoya]) are really such triple threats with good singing, dancing and rapping abilities to be grouped together especially. Their presence on the stage is very robust and eye catching.

On January 10th, their company released their album and music video for the track, "Special Girl." At the same time their debut stage.

The video for "Special Girl" is more of a R&B flow with a simple cute message. It's a video that gives the lyrics a literal visual. The shots of the sets (0:14, 0:35, 1:35, 1:48, 2:56) go in tied with the lyrics. Not making it so compiled and jumbled of no message or yet a story of the video.

The song itself is a cute confession. So guys, you can play this song for your girl and (hopefully) she'll be head-over-heel. Just playing the song is very pleasing. Not like ballads or therapeutic but I can see girls play this song when they feel down.

Even though they are such amazing dancers there isn't much of a memorable set of moves. Like miss A's "I Don't Need A Man," it's more of a 'groove to the music' song. Lots of gliding in the chorus thorough but it seemed awkward to me for this kind of speed of song since it is slower than most.

The album it self has a good range of early 90's and early 2000's hip-hop and r&b backgrounds. Playing the album continuously and thoroughly is very smooth and not so "in-your-face" like hip-hop is transcended now-a-days. Actually, thinking about it, the whole sound of the album doesn't give off the "typical K-Pop sound" either. (Then again K-Pop doesn't really has a specific sound.)

This is a great (official) debut for these two and wish them much luck!

Let's anticipate their activities and music stages with their presence. INFINITE H, I wish you luck on your duo unit debut days and INFINITE's comeback later this year. Hwaiting!

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