Girls’ Day Vocalist Minah Greets Crowd Of Over 2,000 At Fan Event In Japan

Girls’ Day member Minah has held her own fan sign meeting in Japan to celebrate her solo debut.

According to her agency, she held this event for four days in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Shibuya and met with her fans.

Last month, she released her first solo album, “I Am A Woman Too,” and has been busy with promotions.

“Due to the request of her fans, she visited Japan and met with her fans in various cities,” read a statement from Dream Tea Entertainment posted on OSEN on Friday. “She was worried that not many people would come as it was a solo debut, but luckily 2,000 fans came to see her, making her cry tears of joy.”

Fans compared Minah to Ariana Grande in regards to singing after watching the music video for her debut song.

“I feel like Minah is the Korean Ariana Grande,” wrote user marluxiaphantom67 posted on Minah’s music video last month.

Others, however, preferred her usual cute style rather than the more mature concept.

“I love this song but I prefer Minah with her cute character because I really like to see her smile,” wrote user Amri Tajudin posted on the music video last month.

She also held a showcase in Myeongdong on the day of her album release as well.

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