KARA To Showcase Different Concepts For Their Comebacks In Korea And Japan

Girl group KARA, who will be making a comeback next month, will be releasing different songs and concepts in Korea and Japan.

On May 5, they will be releasing their Japanese single title track, “Summer Magic” and will be releasing a totally different song in Korea.

“Many fans and media believe that they will release ‘Summer Magic’ in Korea too, but that is false news,” read a statement from DSP Media posted on OSEN on Friday. “Although it did take a bit longer to prepare, they will be releasing a totally different concept in Korea.”

KARA is known to release separate songs for Japan and has received much attention for it. However, for their sixth mini album, “Day and Night,” they promoted their song, “Mamma Mia” in both Korea and Japan.

News of their Korean comeback was only revealed after their Japanese comeback was confirmed and the music video was released.

Last year, new member Heo Youngji joined the group and also celebrated eight years since their debut in the Korean music industry.

Summer Magic


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