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[BREAKING] Chinese Media Reports Tao's Father Airs Grievances With SM Entertainment, Wants Son To Leave EXO

By Staff Writer | April 22, 2015 10:45 AM EDT


A letter allegedly written by the father of EXO's Tao reignited fans' fears of another departure from the group.

On April 22, China's Sina News revealed a letter written by Tao's father to fans, allegedly showing the father's explanation for why he made the decision to bring his son from South Korea back to China.

 Top Star News reported that neither SM Entertainment nor Tao have confirmed the contents of the letter or denied the hiatus and departure rumors.

The letter, allegedly written by Tao's father, claims that SM Entertainment did not provide Tao with proper treatment after the singer received injuries and made few attempts to keep him from getting further injuries. It also claimed that the company changed business plans without letting Tao or his family know.

Sina reported that the letter was originally published on Weibo and was translated by fans of EXO on Twitter.

"To fans and friends who care for Huang Zi Tao," begins the writer. "Hello, I'm Tao's father."

"I wrote this letter with mixed feelings as I know that many of you guys, as well as my son, will be hurt by this deicision. I tried to persuade Tao, but he still didn't understand. He might even hold a grudge against me. I know how much he loves his team and career. It has been hard for me to decide whether he should leave Korea. As his father, it is my responsibility to ensure that Tao groups up healithly and happily. I don't want to see my son injured over and over again. If I must choose between my son's career and his health, I choose the latter."

The letter then explained in detail that Tao's father made the decision to request Tao return to China, despite Tao's decisions to continue with EXO and EXO's fans. He claimed that SM Entertainment did not protect his sons health and made him perform difficult dances and tumbling despite injuries and averse stage conditions.

It is implied in the letter that Tao's father brought Tao with him from Korea to China, and that he is making Tao leave EXO.

Tao's father also allegedly accused SM Entertainment of reneging on plans to start a company in China solely for Tao's promotions, and hinted that the company recently set up for Lay's Chinese promotions was first offered to Tao.

Fans of Tao on Twitter reacted with worry of a third departure of a Chinese member from EXO, while fearing for Tao's health.

"Such a young boy, yet countless scars and bruises," wrote @supeng. "There's nothing any EXO fan can reply to Tao's dad regarding the injuries he sustained."

In 2014, two Chinese members of EXO left the Korean idol group to pursue careers in China, and rumors have surrounded the remaining Chinese members of the group.

Tao has been the subject of several departure rumors, the latest of which were denied by SM Entertainment on April 16.

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