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Editor's Pick: Xin Seha Conjures Up An Epic After Hours Vibe On 'Night To Dawn' Featuring KOHO From The '24Town' EP [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | April 22, 2015 09:34 PM EDT


The South Korean pop music scene is known for many things, though darkly atmospheric dance music is probably not one of them.

Yet, with its feet firmly planted in the lonesome twilight hours, the song "Tomorrow Is Every Day" from the "24Town" EP, released Tuesday by Korean electronic artist Xin Seha, evokes blissful inner visions that could send Frank Ocean whirling into an early-morning mind trip.

With shades of "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys, the theme from "Miami Vice" and Herbie Hancock's "Future Shock" album, "Tomorrow Is Every Day" is like a mashup of any solid '80s DJ's favorite records.

But in the middle of it, Xin completes the mirage-like vision with a vocal performance that exudes understated cool. It is his own unique vocal style and that of featured background singer KOHO, that keeps "Tomorrow Is Every Day" from becoming a mere homage to the dance music of the "Me" Decade.

Make no mistake, "Tomorrow Is Every Day" sounds and fresh and current as anything else coming out of Korea right now, but yet there is something about the song that seems as if it could almost be a lost classic from 1987.

And though the rest of Xin's EP is indicative of more modern and upbeat dance genres, the slower and more introspective sound of "Tomorrow Is Every Day" makes it not just a standout for "24Town," but for all K-pop in recent memory.

Back in February, I asked KOHO which of her upcoming releases she was most excited about. Her impression of "24Town," after collaborating with Xin on the project, sums it up better than I ever could.

"The album is so original and fresh," she said. "I cannot wait for that to come out and surprise everyone."

Watch the music video for South Korean electronic artist Xin Seha's new single "Tomorrow Is Every Day," RIGHT HERE

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