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What is the Point of Girls' Generation's 'Girls Hip Hop' Fashion?

By Staff Reporter | January 21, 2013 05:08 PM EST


Girl group Girls' Generation made a surprising comeback at the start of 2013.

The group had spend much time with individual and unit activities that it had been awhile since the group had come out with an album all together.

They had a 1 year and 2 month hiatus before they made a comeback this year.

Their new song, "I Got a Boy" was a hit and ranked number 1 on music charts.

Their new album strays away from their usual girly and cute image. They came back with a more powerful and edgy vibe and style.

Girls' Generation Takes Off their High Heels

The biggest news for their new album was the fact that they did not wear their heels. Girls' Generation has been known for practicing even in high heels. Many of their previous hit songs main choreography had to do with high heels as well.

This time they have come back with sneakers. These sneakers are more comfortable to dance in and gives them a sense of stability when dancing.

They commented that because their new concept is 'girls hip-hop', having sneakers makes it easier for them to dance and move around on stage. However, just because they are wearing sneakers, doesn't mean they have to throw away their height. The new sneaker wedge trend has made it easy for the members to dance with the comfort of a sneaker without throwing away height.

Concept under the Free-Spirited Fashion

The girls outfits for this new album was all different, unlike their matching uniforms from previous songs.

For this new concept, each member takes on a different style ranging from cute, sexy, charismatic, tomboyish and more.

Although each outfit is a bit different, the overall flow of the concept is not ruined.

They also used a variety of different fabrics and patterns to create a more colorful and 'out-there' vibe.

Each little detail on their outfits was thought out as they tried to incorporate current trends as well.

Girls' Generation's Loud and Crazy Outfits

Their "I Got a Boy" outfits range from a simple design on a t-shirt or hat to character drawings and graphic print leggings.

They also used broaches and pins to accent hats and vests as well.

They also gave a bit of a hip-hop edge such as showing the undergarment bands or wearing bandana's under their caps.

The point is that the members made the genre of 'girls hip-hop' their own using their own styles and personalities.

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