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Will Big Bang's Leader, G-Dragon, Enlist for His Military Service First?

By Staff Reporter | January 24, 2013 03:00 PM EST


For those who are still not understanding the mandatory Korean military service, let me be straightforward with this explanation.

In the Conscription of South Korea, it's stated that male citizens from the ages of 18 to 30 are to complete their enlistment period of roughly rounded to two years (21months for the Army/Marine Corps.).

After Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon, announced his first world tour - correction, as he is currently on his arena tour; topics have risen along the lines of "which member of Big Bang will be first for military leave?"

Do you think that they will enter when it's each member's time (by age order), will G-Dragon go first because he is the leader and should go as an example for his fellow members and will Big Bang or will the whole group enter (the army) together?

It's obvious Big Bang can't be the group the fans love with the remaining four members present. So what are YG Entertainment's options to to have them promote while one or two are completing their military service?

It's proven each member can handle solo activities countless of times.

For majority of the members they'll release albums/singles, member: T.O.P. Can make acting appearances and youngest: Seungri can also appear on various variety shows. Will this option be the inevitable for BIG BANG while those are in the military? I personally don't find any problems with that.

The only con with that is just the hiatus of the group (as a whole) for their comeback. But wouldn't it be a plus to anticipate their grand comeback after their military hiatus?

Groups such as 2PM and CNBLUE, announced that they will go, as a group, enlist as a group. So yes, Big Bang has this option to ponder upon.

For various groups, actors, and soloists, it's proven may times (from their hiatus) that the comeback can work as a hype builder.

In 2012, groups: Epik High and Shinhwa made their big comebacks with members that completed their time and the beloved patient fans were satisfied with their awaited reunited comeback. During the time the other member(s) are kept busy with productions and solo activities, so the time goes by and so when the other others comeback it's just that much easier on their behalf to comeback on the stage and shows.

For various actors, it's the same process. Many are very smart with the management of time. An approach can be made is pre-recording. Known Hallyu actor, Hyun Bin is a prime example for his management during his service. During his hiatus, to the public eye it seemed like he never left. He had a movie and a drama that was released and aired while he was on his service. Since he was discharged, he had more activities that are ready to picked up and be filmed.

So to our readers, please give your honest opinion on what scenario will come to Big Bang. In the meantime give best wishes and health to G-Dragon's first world tour and to the rest of Big Bang for a good year.

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