MNAME Rank Number 1 On Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart With 3rd Album 'I.M.G. ~without you~'

K-Pop boy band MYNAME has made a turn for the better and has topped Japan’s Oricon daily album chart with their this album which was released last month.

On Wednesday, Oricon revealed that the group’s album, “I.M.G. ~without you~,” sold 3,557 copies after its release on April 10.

On the day of the of its release, it sold 34,879 copies and topped the daily chart as well. They were also seen ranked first on the Tower Records Daily album chart as well.

Even though it has been almost two months since the album release, they have ranked first on the charts again.

Their first Japanese album, “We Are MYNAME,” has also been seen at number three on the Oricon daily and weekly charts too.

Their “Five Stars” album, which was released last March, also ranked number two on the Oricon chart.

IMG~without you~


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