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K-Pop Throwback: Remember When 4Minute's eSNa-Penned 2014 Album Track 'I'll Teach You' Made You Want To Dance All Day? [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | May 04, 2015 07:27 PM EDT


Nailing down exactly what it is about a dance song that makes you want to move is no easy undertaking.

For those of us not driven to undulate at every pulsating drum loop, it takes something special, nearly indescribable to bring us, almost uncontrollably, to the dance floor. What is it about vintage Prince or Motown or James Brown that still drives us to dance all these years later?

Could it be that hearing a simple, primal rhythm or groove presented in a way you never considered before has a physical effect on our nervous system? As much of a hype game as the music industry of any country can seem like a fixed game, there is something visceral when a piece of music with a strong backbeat hits you in your gut.

As the real King of Rock and Roll Chuck Berry once sang, "Roll over Beethoven."

4Minute didn't even think enough of their 2014 track "I'll Teach You" (also sometimes translated as "Let You Know") to release it as a single, instead relegating the song to an album cut on their fifth EP "4Minute World." But there is a fresh and arresting quality to the song that makes it a must to revisit even though it's been over a year since its release.

South Korean Singer-Songwriter eSNa, most likely remembered for her barnburning collaboration with another highly innovative K-pop girl group, Mamamoo on the single "AHH OOP!" released on April 2, co-wrote "I'll Teach You" with Seo Jae Woo.

There is a similar free spirited nature to the performances that makes both songs irresistible. But make no mistake; these ladies are tearing it up. 4Minute and Mamamoo both just happen to be comprised of artists that are done proving anything to anyone. They already passed the audition.

Now they just want to make you dance.

Listen to the 4Minute song "Let You Know" from the group's 2014 EP "4Minute World" RIGHT HERE

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