KARA Top Japan’s Oricon Daily Singles Chart For The 1st Time As A 4-Member Group

K-Pop girl group KARA’s new Japanese single, “Summergic,” has topped the Oricon Daily Single Chart.

This is the first time the group has topped this chart since they became a four member group.

This is their 12th single released in Japan and was released yesterday. It sold 28,000 copies on the day of its release and quickly ranked number one on the Oricon Daily Single Chart, beating other popular Japanese groups including Perfume and Hey!Say!JUMP!.

Fans were excited to see that new member Youngji had more exposure in the new music video.

“Loving the amount of lines Youngji has in this, and hopefully it continues to be like this!” wrote user Danny Nguyen posted on the “Summergic” music video on YouTube last week.

Others also agreed that Youngji’s talent was proved in this video.

“Youngji is so talented and sweet!” wrote user Robby Amly Saputra on the video as well.

This single is also their first triple title track album as well, featuring “Summergic,” “Sunshine Miracle” and “Sunny Days.”

They will also release their fifth Japanese album, “Girl’s Story,” next month.

The group is currently busy promoting their album in Japan and holding hand-shaking and fan sign events in Osaka and Tokyo. They will return to Korea on Sunday and begin preparing for their comeback at home.



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