4 Stylish K-Pop Sibling Pairs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

For these well-dressed celebrity siblings, having 'good genes' is just as important as having 'good jeans.' Check out four pairs of K-pop brothers and sisters who prove that both talent and fashion sense run in the family. 

Jessica and Krystal

It's a no-brainer. This pair was born with a 20/20 eye for fashion and all things beautiful. Jessica and Krystal are blessed with more than just good looks and amazing vocal chops.  The two also have exquisite tastes in style, although both have different preferences. Their personal fashion choices, as seen on airport and red carpet appearances, is always emulated by fans and praised by fashion enthusiasts.

The Jung sisters are also a favorite among various brands who've appointed them as ambassadors to model their products.

Sandara and Sanghyun (Thunder)

Sandara and Thunder are one of K-pop's most famous and well-loved sibling pairs. The two have very varied and broad choices in fashion and are mostly the types to go beyond the trends instead of just follow the norms.

They are known to be very eccentric style-wise and have gone crazy with their hairstyles at some point in their careers. In 2013 Thunder dyed his hair pink for MBLAQ's promotions of "Smoky Girl" and in 2012 Dara received numerous compliments for her purple hair.

Ilhoo and Joo

BTOB's Ilhoon and female solo artist Joo have different tastes in fashion but it works for both of them. As an idol, Ilhoon is more into the generic boy group member uniform which consists of leather jackets, muscle tees, studded pullovers, caps, and so on.

On the other hand Joo is more feminine and refined. However, when the sibs got together for their InStyle magazine pictorial they got the preppy look on point, and looked absolutely adorable.

Mir and Go Eun Ah

Although they are in different fields (Go Eun Ah is an actress while Mir is a singer) the two are still very close. Individually, the two have sported decent fashion choices.

Go Eun Ah is very ladylike and is confident enough to go for bold and risky outfits (such as that plunging neckline and low-back black dress she wore on the red carpet once). Go Eun Ah sports an enviable figure that makes her looks effortless good in anything she wears. Plus, she's got this confidence to carry whatever she's wearing with poise.

Little brother Mir prefers safer outfits with more neutral tones such as black, white, and gray.

Which K-pop celebrity siblings do you think have the best style? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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