'Seoul Music Awards' Presents Rookie Awards to Lee Hi-EXO-K-Ailee-B.A.P, 'Thanks to Fans, Family, Staff'

At the 22nd 'Seoul Music Awards', Lee Hi, EXO-K, Ailee and B.A.P won the rookie award.

Lee Hi, EXO-K, Ailee and B.A.P attended the 'Seoul Music Awards' today and received the rookie award.

Lee Hi commented, "Thank you for this big award. I want to thank my family, fans, staff, agency and everyone for supporting me. I will work harder."

Ailee commented, "I am so thankful for this great award. I want to thank my agency as well. I will continue to work hard and show my best."

Group EXO-K commented, "We want to give this honor to our CEO. We also want to thank our SM family, fans, staff, for always being by our side."

Lastly, B.A.P commented, "We are truly thankful to have all 6 of our members on this stage. We want to thank our family and our fans. We will be a hard working group for everyone."

At the 'Seoul Music Awards', there were a total of 10 teams awarded as well as rookie awards and 1 team for first place.

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