Will Lee Hi's Debut Album Reach Expectations?

Rookie singer Lee Hi that has swept the K-Pop scene with her first single "1, 2, 3 , 4" is to release her debut album in March.

YG Entertainment's representative has shared that Lee Hi's album recording and production is already completed. The album includes YG head Yang Hyung Suk's direct involvement and currently wrapping up the filming of her comeback music video.

The representative added, "Although the album is set to release on March 1, it's possible the album may release sooner."

Yang Hyun Suk has already shared last month in a phone interview, "Lee Hi's new album has been more focused on music rather than market potential. As good albums are less to come by we wish to repay our fans with an album that is valuable."

Lee Hi's first single written by Masta Wu and produced by CHOICE37 and Lydia Paek have reached an all-kill on all main music charts. Dominating monthly charts and kept the top spot 11 times on the hourly real time charts, which set a record for female soloists in 2012.

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