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G-Dragon Explains The Meaning Behind Big Bang Single 'Loser': 'People Who Stand Under The Spotlight Are Just Human Beings'

By Jesse Lent | May 15, 2015 05:38 PM EDT


Though some fans may doubt it, Big Bang rapper G-Dragon wants you to know that he and the rest of his band are not supernatural beings, but actually just people.

In a full-band interview published Thursday on the website for Big Bang's label, YG Entertainment, G-Dragon explained that the song "Loser" released on May 1 along with the song "Bae Bae," was his attempt to humanize the group.

"What we wanted to say was that, not only Big Bang, but also all the famous people who stand under the spotlight in front of the public are just human beings," said G-Dragon, who wrote the lyrics of "Loser" along with bandmate T.O.P and producer Teddy.

"All these people are the same humans who get their feelings hurt sometimes and smile sometimes. It's just that those people have a different job. We ourselves have given up some things in our lives, because of our job as [pop stars]. I think the lyrics were written based on our own experiences."

However, the notoriously elusive rapper admitted that there are other possible interpretations for the "Loser" lyrics.

"It could also be heard as a light love song," G-Dragon said.

"However, we wanted to offer a [more universal] theme with this song, so we drew a bigger picture. Somebody may not have a friend and somebody may not have love, you know? Everyone lives in a different situation. Depending on how you accept it, this song could be your story."

Later in the interview, T.O.P seemed to echo G-Dragon's expression of the difficulties of being an international pop idol for so many years.

"To be honest, each of the members does not have that many friends," he said with a smirk, implying he could be exaggerating somewhat for comedic effect.

"The members are the only friends with whom we can share our lives and openly talk about personal things."

But for Big Bang singer Taeyang, who wrote the music to "Loser" along with Teddy, the group's best work is still yet to come.

"When someone asks which song I like the most among Big Bang songs, I honestly hope it is the next song." Taeyang said. 

"We keep creating songs because we are not 100 percent content with our songs. Now is the best time for us. The teamwork is good and we are at the optimal age. It is hard to say that now is the peak of our career, but I think we are in a good condition to reach the peak."

Though last week, at a press conference at the Conrad Hotel on Seoul's Yeoui Island, Taeyang admitted that G-Dragon had previously cautioned him about perceiving the group as being at their peak, according to a report on Monday in the Korean entertainment media outlet eNEWS.

"I recently talked to G-Dragon about this question [of whether we've reached the height of our fame]," Taeyang said.

"We wondered if there was a reason to decide when our peak is. If we wanted to be like Michael Jackson, we wouldn′t be able to feel the satisfaction in our situation now. We don′t want to do that."

Big Bang's "Made" album, the group's first full-length in Korea in seven years, is slated for release on Sept. 1.

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