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'Music Core' Showreel: Big Bang Wins On The May 16, 2015 Episode + Performance Recap

By James Buhain | May 17, 2015 09:07 PM EDT


MBC's Music Core is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen during the May 16 episode.

The stars who made their comeback were iconic superstar female artist BoA as she made her return with "Kiss My Lips," INFINITE's Sunggyu made his return with "Kontrol" and "The Answer," Tren-d with "Jung," and MONSTA X made their debut with "Trespass."

Your nominees for the May 16 episode were BTS and Big Bang as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was Big Bang for their single titled, "Loser." Congratulations to them.

This being said, here are the performance recaps that were seen during the May 16 episode.

Performances From The May 16 Episode

BTS; "I Need U"

BTS continues to make their fans scream as they performed their hit single titled, "I Need U." BTS showcased charisma and performed with energy.

The message of the song is about the members needing a woman that they love. The single is contained in their new mini album In The Mood for Love Pt. 1.

BoA; "Green Light" and "Kiss My Lips"

K-pop queen BoA made her hot comeback on the May 16 episode. BoA sang her new single titled, "Kiss My Lips" and entertained the audience. The feathers are great visuals; which the audience were dazzled.

Kiss My Lips is the title track for BoA's eighth full length album. The message of the song is about her wanting to be kissed.

BoA also sang her other single titled, "Green Light." All her songs contained in the album I is produced and composed by BoA.

INFINITE's Sunggyu; "The Answer" and "Kontrol"

INFINITE's Kim Sunggyu sang two of his solo singles titled, "The Answer" and "Kontrol" on the May 16 episode.

Sunggyu did a great job of entertaining the audience as he sang with his amazing voice. Both tracks are contained in his second solo album 27.

Oh My Girl; "Cupid"

Female group Oh My Girl sang their single titled, "Cupid" on the May 16 episode. The ladies wore drum band outfits for their performance. Each week, Oh My Girl are performing great and doing a good job of entertaining the audience.

Oh My Girl is B1A4's sister group. Their agency is WM Entertainment. Cupid is composed by producer Shin Hyuk. The lyrics were written by Kim Yi Na.

Oh My Girl is a eight member female group who consist of members Mimi, Jiho, A Rin, Jin E, Seung Hee, Hyo Jung, Yoo A, and Binnie.

BESTie; "Excuse Me"

Bright color outfits really brings out the ladies of BESTie as they sang their new single titled, "Excuse Me." The members wore a yellow colored shirt and white shorts for their performance.

BESTie's music video features Noel's Kang Kyun Sung; which he tries to make the ladies fall for him. Though, the ladies deny his every move.

Kim Ye Rim; "Love Game"

Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim) showcased her unique voice once again on the May 16 episode. She played a "Love Game" and entranced her male fans.

Lim Kim is doing a great job with promotions as she showcases her confidant image. Not only is she entrancing her male fans, Lim Kim is also capturing their hearts.

Hongja; "Darling"

Hongja came on stage and sang her trot concept single titled, "Darling" on the May 16 episode. The message of the song is about a guy who is a darling. She did a good job on entertaining the audience.

TREN-D; "Jung"

Female group TREN-D is back with a new single titled, "Jung." The ladies wore an adorable outfit for their comeback performance on May 16.

TREN-D is a group who made their debut with single titled, "Candy Boy" back in October 2, 2013. Their agency is Baeksang Entertainment.

MONSTA X; "Trespass"

MONSTA X made their debut on the May 16 episode. The guys sang their single titled, "Trespass" and did a great job of entertaining the audience. The stage lighting was dark; which viewers could not see their faces well.

The guys wore some nice glowing pants for their performance. MONSTA X is signed with record label Starship Entertainment. Their song was produced by Brand New Music's Rhymer.

EXID; "Ah Yeah"

EXID had another great performance as they sang their hit single titled, "Ah Yeah" on the May 16 episode. The members wore a nice pink tank-top and white shorts for their performance.

Loud fan chants and screams were all heard while EXID performed. Their performance was cut, though, the group did a good job of entertaining the audience.

BEAST's Hyunseung; "You're My First"

ELSIE (T-ARA's Eunjung) Featuring Ki-o; "I'm Good"

SECRET's Hyosung; "Into You"

HOTSHOT; "Watch Out"

MYNAME; "Just Tell Me"

The Ark; "The Light"

So Yumi; "Shake Me Up"

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