‘Hot Right Now’ Singer Rita Ora Wears Statement Shirt Following Reports That She Was Banned From Rihanna’s Met Gala Afterparty; British Singer Focuses On Adidas Promotion In NY!

British pop star and "Hot Right Now" hitmaker Rita Ora wore a striking statement shirt a day after reports that she was banned from attending Rihanna's Met Gala afterparty. To veer away from this recent issue, the British singer just focused herself on the latest promotion of her Adidas line.

The 24-year-old "I Will Never Let You Down" singer rocked a shirt with the text "Blah blah blah" that she paired with tight leather trousers.

Calvin Harris' ex-girlfriend was seen in at the JFK airport before jetting to London.

Rita Ora, who starred in the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey," also completed her look with a black fedora with a featured trim detail.

The Kosovo-born singer rocked an elaborate gold Louis Vuitton boots that added inches to her towering height, The Daily Mail said in a report.

Before the "Hot Right Now" singer's airport outing, Rita Ora was seen at the Met Gala donning a stunning Chinese-inspired gown.

Rumors emerged that Calvin Harris' ex-girlfriend was banned from attending "American Oxygen" singer Rihanna's after party.

Accoding to Metro UK, the singer and actress was not in the list of attendees for the after party as Rihanna wanted to take a revenge against the "How We Do" singer.

"It was very icy between Rita and Cara. They spent the night trying to ignore each other. Rita decided to hang out with Miley Cyrus instead," according to an insider from The Sun.

Meanwhile, the "Hot Right Now" singer just focused on her latest collaboration with Adidas as she promotes its latest line in New York.

the British pop star spent some time in New York for her Adidas line tour.

"The Dragon print is all about my love of travel and soaking up different cultures. The print itself is inspired by Asian culture and one of its most recognizable symbols," Rita Ora told about her partnership with the sportswear brand.

She added, "I've contrasted that with the fit, basketball style cuts, which were inspired by American culture."

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