Block B Add Additional Tokyo Show Due To Overwhelming Fan Demand

K-Pop boy band Block B held their 2015 Japan tour Warugaki Showdown Z on Sunday at the Tokyo Hibiya Outdoor Theater and met with 2,800 fans.

Originally, the group was to hold two concerts in Tokyo, but due to tickets being sold out quickly and numerous requests from fans, they added one more concert date to their tour.

The Tokyo Hibiya Outdoor Theater is the first western style park made in Japan and many popular Japanese artists have performed their including AKB48, Koda Kumi and X-JAPAN.

Fans showed excitement for their Japanese tour after the announcement was made on their social media sites.

“Hope it will be successful! Fighting Block B!” wrote Ittoki Otomi two weeks ago in a comment on the official Block B Japan’s YouTube channel.

Otomi was not the only one pumped up for their tour.

“Very good~Block B!” added Ray Gernal in a comment also posted on the YouTube video.

Block B made their debut in Japan this January with their single, “Very Good,” and will be releasing their second single, “Her,” next Wednesday.

Despite the hot weather, many fans came out to support the group.

“Thanks for everyone who supported us until the last concert,” read a statement from Block B, according to an article published Tuesday on the Korean news website OSEN. “We will never forget today.”

The group will head to Osaka today and Wednesday, Fukuoka on Saturday and Nagoya next Tuesday and continue their four-city Japanese tour.

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