Legendary Magic Practitioner Zeena Schreck Returns To European Music Scene For First Time In 24 Years This Saturday, May 23

Mystic and avant-garde musician Zeena Schreck will make her first appearance on the European music scene for the first time in 24 years this Saturday, May 23, 2015, at 7 p.m.  Zeena will perform a unique ritual soundscape in Leipzig's Egyptian Museum.

Zeena, 51, was a composer, vocalist, musician and graphic designer for the sonic magical music project Radio Werewolf from 1988 to 1993. She is also High Priestess of Seth and leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement, making the sacred, magically charged ancient artifacts housed in Leipzig's Egyptian Museum an ideal venue to present ancient Egyptian aspects of the artist's spiritual practices.

This is the second in a series of ritual musical installments inaugurated with the 2013 performance-art Performa 13 event "Frank Haines presents Zeena Schreck: Live from the Eye of the Storm," in New York City.

"An historical event by a legendary figure of modern magic, mysticism and experimental-ambient music - this is more than just a secular musical concert. It will touch the audience with divine blessings and plant the seeds necessary for spiritual liberation and enlightenment," reads the press release.

According to a report in Daily Offbeat, Zeena promises that the event will feel "like a numinous presence is taking them on a trip through another time and space," to the lay audience.

"As former co-director of the magical resistance circle The Werewolf Order from 1988-1999, Zeena's musical compositions are featured on the Radio Werewolf recordings "The Lightning and the Sun," "Songs for the End of the World," "Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera!," "Love Conquers All, and Witchcraft/Boots: A Tribute to the Sinatras," reads her official bio.

According to Zeena's official site, "because of limited seating at Zeena's upcoming WGT event, there will be an autograph signing after the concert which will also be open to those who exceeded the seating capacity but who stay for an in-person autograph."

After the performance, Zeena will sign her own creations,  which means  she will not "sign any copies of 'The Satanic Bible,' 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,' 'The Book of the Law' or 'The Joy of Cooking.'"

Zeena is the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, though she publicly renounced that part of her past in 1990. Zeena can be contacted on her blog, TwitterFacebookGoogle+,  YouTube  and Pinterest.

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