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'Digimon Adventure Tri' Release Date Confirms 'Reunion' For Tai And Agumon?

By Tara Edwards | May 20, 2015 07:21 PM EDT


Despite the desire for a full length anime series, it looks like "Digimon" fans will be getting short animated films instead.

Either way, at least fans will no longer have to wait for digi-eggs to hatch.

Earlier this year when "Digimon Adventure Tri" was still thought to debut in April, a rumor about the plot of the first episode pointed toward something involving Tai and Agumon. Now that the official "Digimon Adventure Tri" first film is entitled "Reunion," can fans still believe in the rumored storyline?

The rumor about Tai and Agumon surfaced on Reddit involving a translation from a Japanese forum Logsoku.

"A mysterious Digimon materializes before Taichi, who has become a high school student, and steals his Digivice. A voice is heard in front of Taichi, who is perplexed after losing Agumon from sight. The adventure once again evolves," reads the comment from user G-santos.

The title "Reunion" definitely supports the idea that Agumon will be reuniting with Tai. Additionally, the latest visual that accompanied the release date announcement features the newly high school aged Tai with Agumon, which seems to suggest the first film will focus more on them as opposed to the reunion of the entire digi-destined.

Then again, with the longer format of a short animated film instead of a half hour episode of anime, perhaps "Reunion" will refer to all the individual digimon and their human friends. Nothing is certain of course, until the first film of the six part film series premieres.

"Digimon Adventure Tri" is the sequel series to "Digimon Adventure," which premiered in 1999. The series follows a group of kids who are transported to the digital world in order to save their digimon pals from other evil digimon. Digimon stands for digital monsters. Netflix is currently streaming both the English Dub and original Japanese versions.

The first "Digimon Adventure Tri" film will be released Nov. 21.


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