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Life After Girls' Generation: Jessica Jung On Fostering The Expansion Of Her Fashion Label BLANC & ECLARE

By Therese A. | May 21, 2015 11:25 AM EDT


Jessica Jung unfolded a whole new side of herself in her intimate interview and pictorial with fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea.

As if to signify purity, innocence, and the concept of rebirth, Jessica Jung wore mostly white outfits for her Marie Claire shoot. She also went bolder and more daring as she showed off more skin in figure hugging tank tops and bras. Despite the sense of maturity in this shoot, Jessica still looked classy and pristine.

In her lengthy interview with Marie Claire, Jessica Jung opened up about a variety of things including how she coped with the controversy that followed her departure from Girls' Generation and how she found strength in her family during her trying times.

“If I were still a member of Girls’ Generation, I would not be able to do a photo-shoot like today," the singer and fashion designer said. "Idol groups must always be happy, nice, clear, and bright. But I am already 27, I cannot remain as a happy girl forever."

"It is possible that some who see this pictorial could comment, ‘She’s showing more skin now that she left Girls’ Generation.’ But the truth is, I am no longer a girl," she continued. "I feel like it is a good thing to show the matured side of Jessica as well."

"Since debuting in 19 and promoting until 25, I felt trapped and stifling due to various restrictions. Now, I can decide everything on my own. It was not bad to come to the studio for a photo-shoot on my own.”

As seen in social media and news reports, Jessica has been devoting much of her time to develop her beloved brainchild BLANC & ECLARE. Her branching out into the world of fashion was a dream come true for Jessica and many of her fans who've always regarded her as an "It Girl" and a style guru.

The BLANC & ECLARE CEO shared that the fashion brand is planning to launch a new denim line this season, which is a whole new ordeal for the brand which has mostly released accessories collections.

"Denim was not an challenge. I tried to incorporate consumers' perspective since they are ones who wear denim pants on a regular basis," she explained. "I particularly worked on skinny denim jeans that will work well with Asian figures, and when I designed it I considered overall length and low-rise design."

"You will see more of BLANC & ECLARE in Hong Kong and China's Lane Crawford shopping malls. I've also received some proposals in Korea and I'm looking at opening a store in the country as well," Jessica added.

And like a true CEO, Jessica said that BLANC & ECLARE was not manned by a single effort. Rather, the beauty that comes out of the brand is the product of joint effort coming from Jessica and her team.

"Everything is new - everything feels new when I see my sketches turn into actual product and having these products arranged in stores until people come to buy them," Jessica mused.

"Sometimes, however, I do feel that people think I'm the only one responsible for the brand," she added. "Completing a single product requires ideas and efforts from all the team members. Sometimes titles such as 'president' and 'CEO' can be burdensome for me. I feel sorry for other people whose efforts are being overlooked because of my name."

Jessica concluded the interview with some final reflections on herself and her future. "I ponder a lot about myself these days," she said. "There are times when I am anxious just by thinking that I will be in my 30s in just few years time. I am not too sure what gives me the impatience. But I do think that I will live for myself not for anyone else from now on."

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