Crayon Pop Plans Official Japan Debut For July

Girl group Crayon Pop will debut in Japan in July.

"Crayon Pop will officially begin their activities in Japan with their debut single album, RaRiRuRe," Crayon Pop's agency Chrome Entertainment commented on May 22nd.

Crayon Pop signed a distribution contract with Japan's production and distribution company Pony Canyon last year. Although the group released a mini album in November of last year, it was not an official debut album as it mainly included previously released tracks and just one unreleased track.

Crayon Pop's debut album will include "RaRiRuRe" as well as a Japanese version of their hit track, "Bar Bar Bar." "RaRiRuRe" is an electronic track with powerful melodies and addicting chorus. The track will express frustrated feelings of a woman in unrequited love. Crayon Pop's lively performance will add cuteness to the lyrics.

After the album's release on July 22nd, Crayon Pop will tour around in Japan until July 27th in celebration of their debut and hold various promotion events and performances.  

Crayon Pop


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