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K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With SKINFOOD

By Rachelle D. | May 23, 2015 08:34 PM EDT


Welcome to "K-Pop Through the Eyes of Industry Leaders." It's an ongoing KPopStarz series where we talk to leaders in several Korean industries, including education, fashion, entertainment, technology, tourism, e-commerce, and more. It's no secret that the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, is giving Korea more of a spot on the world stage. With that wave continuing to spread, KPopStarz wants to talk to the people leading that charge about how they see Korean pop culture having an influence on their work both inside and beyond Korea's borders.

This week we had the pleasure of talking to SKINFOOD, one of the most popular and accessible skincare brands in Korea. You can find one of these stores in nearly every city and marketplace in the country, and many Koreans are devoted to the products like the Black Sugar Face Mask and the Egg White Pore Foam.

As big and ubiquitous as the company is, though, it has a surprisingly simple philosophy. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind their delicious-sounding products, what kind of beauty trends stem from the K-pop world, and if more guys are wearing makeup now that they see some of their favorite male stars with glamorous faces.

KPopStarz: Please tell me a little big about what SKINFOOD does and provides worldwide.

SKINFOOD: SKINFOOD is a skincare, cosmetic, and beauty brand that finds inspiration from the food around us. Our health is directly correlated to the food we put in our bodies. We've taken that philosophy and applied it to our product development. We discover the best natural food ingredients and bottle them up for effective, targeted skincare, body care, hair care, and makeup.

KPS: What are some of SKINFOOD's biggest inspirations when creating new beauty products?

SF: Food! The food around us has the power to transform our health. We search around the world for the most effective ingredients. We then develop and test our products to deliver powerful beauty results.

KPS: How important is K-pop in inspiring and determining new trends in the beauty industry?

SF: K-pop provides a glimpse into Korean culture. The different trends help guide us to create consumer driven products. So, we make sure to pay attention to the trends within K-pop.

KPS: SKINFOOD has been popular in Korea for a while now, but as K-pop has become more popular in other parts of the world, have you noticed a growing interest in SKINFOOD products from people worldwide? Does SKINFOOD try to accommodate those global fans?

SF: Definitely. Interest in K-pop, K-beauty, and Korean culture has boomed within the last few months and we are seeing more and more customers interesting in the (sometimes!) weird, wonderful world of Korean beauty. We are currently planning more store openings and looking to find ways to reach global fans. We currently have more than 800 stores worldwide in 14 countries, but we want to make sure that we can make SKINFOOD available to everyone!

KPS: There is always some criticism aimed at both the beauty and entertainment industries for putting too much of a focus on how someone looks on the outside as opposed to the inside. How does SKINFOOD balance the line between helping customers find products that will make them feel glowing, gorgeous, and confident without making them feel bad about the way they currently look?

SF: Looking good begins with feeling good. At SKINFOOD, part of our brand philosophy is to promote a lifestyle of health, food, and beauty. This begins with positivity and promoting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates nutritious food and a positive outlook on life.

KPS: SKINFOOD is such an affordable brand compared to some of the other Korean beauty products out there. Does SKINFOOD make it a priority to keep prices low so that more customers can have access to them?

SF: We definitely want to make sure SKINFOOD is accessible to everyone. We keep that in mind and make sure that our price points are attractive to all our customers. We pride ourselves on being an easily accessible, everyday beauty brand with products that utilize familiar, everyday ingredients.

KPS: What are some of the biggest beauty trends right now that K-pop has helped to start? What do you think we can look forward to in the next few months?

SF: K-pop has certainly helped beauty trends become more extravagant, vibrant, and trendy to consumers and currently we can see the constant need for better skincare products. SKINFOOD is an expert in this field and we are currently developing more and more skincare products for consumers. In these few coming months, you will probably see more diverse skincare products during the summer season.

KPS: There seems to be something of a trend of male K-pop stars wearing more and more makeup. Has SKINFOOD noticed this, or has the company noticed any more male consumers coming to them for makeup products or tips?

SF: Our current model for SKINFOOD is Lee Jong Suk. He's known for his flawless complexion. We understood that the male K-pop stars are increasingly popular and in demand so therefore we selected Lee Jong Suk as our model to appeal to both male and female markets. SKINFOOD strives to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. More and more male customers are starting to understand the need for skincare. Therefore, we also have mens skincare products (such as Black Sugar for Men.) We believe that everyone should take care of their skin.

KPS: If you could choose one group or artist to style for an upcoming video or photo shoot, which group or artist would it be? What kind of beauty look would you want them to have?

SF: It's very difficult to choose one specific group or artist, but it would definitely be an energetic, youthful idol group that fits well with the philosophy of SKINFOOD. The beauty look would be clean, simple, and fresh.

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