New GTA 5 Cheats For Money And Vehicles Included In Upcoming Heists DLC Update [RUMORS]

As the release date of the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Heists DLC approaches, rumors on gaming forums are suggesting that new money and vehicle cheat codes will be included in the update. 

The DLC is also speculated to include a casino robbery mission and gameplay map.

YouTube user MrBossBTW has announced details surrounding the new GTA 5 Online Heists update, which also includes a mission that allows users to rob a rich man's house in the game.

The mission, entitled "The Nice House," includes characters Michael and Trevor.

GTA 5 Online gameplay includes a Heists Money Duffle Bag filled with over a million game dollars, the International Business Times reports, mentioning that it can be used as an outfit accessory.

YouTube user VanossGaming posted new gameplay footage of the PC version of GTA 5, showing off an "highway stunt" and "slow motion" glitch within the game.

Watch his gameplay compilation here.

The release date version for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version include one major requirement to run 4K gameplay: GTX 760 with 2GB of RAM.

The computer version of the game is also rumored to support money cheats for Heists missions.

Rockstar Games has released a new update for GTA 5 Online, making improvements to several Heists gameplay features.

These include Heist Planning Board, Heists Lobby and Auto-Invite functionalities.



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