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Hardworking ChoA Discusses The Odd Jobs That Filled Her Resume Before Joining AOA

By Elsa B. | June 01, 2015 09:14 AM EDT


AOA's ChoA showed off her high fashion side in the June issue of Arena Homme Plus. She modeled a Burberry organza gown, one-piece bathing suit, strapping white blazer and see-through blouse, to name a few items, in a hazy photoshoot filled with enigmatic lighting.

During the accompanying interview, ChoA revealed all the different jobs she had before becoming an idol. She said, "I worked in cosmetics shops on the streets, inside convenience stores, took pictures around Shincheon [Busan] that were made into stickers, was a token cashier in a games arcade and I even worked as a photo editor."

The star also proudly boasted about her hardworking nature and perseverance. She stated, "I was a salesperson for an IPTV [Internet Protocol Television] company distributing fliers in a supermarket located in the Yongsan District [Seoul] and was paid according to the number of contracts that were signed (by customers). I worked really hard and managed to earn quite a large sum from this part-time job by becoming the number one salesperson in the central district team..."

She continued, "The supervisor of the sales department told me that I'm someone who will succeed no matter what I do. Actually, it's not like I'm gifted in sales but it's because others work for eight hours while I work for 10 hours [per day]. From morning all the way till the evenings! I guess it seems like I'm someone who is hardworking."

The star also discussed her trademark blonde hair, which the interviewer described as her 'Midas touch.' She disclosed, "It would be bad if my hair gets damaged due to the constant dyeing, which is why it's not good to keep changing hair color. Even though black suits me as well, it is more important that the public recognizes me. However, I'm facing a dilemma now as I will gradually need to show some changes."


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