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Cho PD Talks About His New Album 'Golden Goose - Part 1' [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Julie Jones | June 02, 2015 11:31 AM EDT


Rapper Cho PD, known as Zo PD, is both an artist and a producer. He built his own music agency Stardom Entertainment and produces idol groups such as Block B and Topp Dogg. In a KpopStarz exclusive interview, the performer opened up about his mini-album "Golden Goose: Part 1" and collaboration with singer Bada.

Q: Can you please clear up for our readers why sometimes you're known as Cho PD, but your most recent promotions have you going by Zo PD? When and why did the change happen?

A: "Haha. There is no big reason. I just tried using ZoPD and it looked better than ChoPD."

Q: You've been involved in making and producing music in Korea for a long time. What do you think is the biggest difference between creating a song now and when you got your start in the late 90s?

A: "At first, my music was more experimental, but then the public who listened to my music said some parts were disrespectful. They said my songs were 'diss songs.' But now I focus more on the "Sympathy generation" rather than the experimental youth. I am currently a musician and artist in Stardom. While the current appeal primarily is designated for teenagers 10-20,  I am trying a more sympathetic approach with the entire public, regardless of age. So that all can enjoy not only those  30-40.

Q: Your recent title track "Candy" featured Bada of the early K-pop girl group S.E.S.  What was it like working with another veteran artist? Why did you choose her rather than a singer who is more recognizable to younger fans?

A: "Actually, Bada was considered as a candidate for the first EP of "Dear Friend." I suggested a collaboration to Bada at that time, however, Insooni accepted immediately. It was released in 2004, and she has been my hidden card for 10 years. So I wanted to have Bada on this album for the title song "Candy." I worked in a very happy atmosphere thanks to the playful nature of Bada."

Q: For your latest EP, "The Golden Goose Part 1," you worked closely with producer Yunsu on two remake tracks, "My Style" and "Dear Friend." What was the motivation and creative process behind these modern updates? What changes did you want to make this time around?

A: "Yunsoo is a Stardom artist. I worked with Yunsoo on  the album "Golden Goose Part 1" because I value my Stardom artists and see their golden potential. He is a very good composer and I'm expecting big things from him."

Q: Can fans expect you to revisit some more of your previous tracks on 'Part 2' of the album? Or do you have something else up your sleeve entirely?

A: "Originally, I thought the best album for "Golden Goose Part.1" would be a mix between new songs and remakes. I had this idea in mind, doing like a "series" of albums. I don't know exactly how I would build the 2nd opus. I am hoping to inspire interest and high expectations for "Part 2."

Q: As a producer and the head of Stardom Entertainment, you have to have a pretty good understanding of the current music scene. What trends have you noticed recently and where do you think K-pop is headed in the next year or two?

A: "Nowadays, hip hop is becoming a hot topic in Korea. We can see that hip hop genre is popularized through music charts and TV programs. That is mainly why, for me, the hip hop genre will be reborn in the future in as a 'subdivision.' And also hip-hop as well as music industry is likely to be more diverse I think. This will target a broader market, for sure."

Q: What do you think is the most important thing for Korean musicians to keep in mind when working on a new song? What do you tell your artists to do in order to prepare themselves before heading into the studio?

A: "Well... I think it's depends on the artists. But the only thing in common is maybe to stay in good shape?"

Q: Topp Dogg recently went on a world tour with several shows in the United States. The tour bypassed usual stops like New York and L.A., instead opting for cities with emerging K-pop fan-bases: Atlanta, Miami, and Houston. What was the reasoning behind this? Can fans in the U.S. (and specifically those on the coasts) expect to see more stateside concerts and promotions from Topp Dogg in the future?

A: "We first looked at the amount of fans, and these areas were the one were the love call was the strongest. Then we continued right up to Brazilia. These Topp Dogg shows were awesome, the staff was also surprisingly enthusiastic and amazing. We are looking forward to more opportunities."

Q: Some of the Topp Dogg members worked with you for the "My Style" reboot. What kind of relationship do you have with these up-and-coming young stars? Is there something new and exciting we can expect from them in the coming months?

A: "The album "Golden Goose Part 1" was also meant to be an introduction for some younger artists. I thought Topp Dogg's members would fit in perfectly for "My Style." It was the most appropriate song. In addition to Topp Dogg, who already debuted, I wanted to introduce Stardom artists such as X or Kuro. They are all my friends, I wanted to give them a chance to exress themselves and show their talents. That was a good and interesting opportunity to watch the process of coming up under the spotlight."

Q: While we're at it, where is EvoL anyway? It's been about two years since we've seen a release from them.  What's in store?

A: "Currently, EvoL is working really hard  on different projects. We are thinking about the best promotional plan as well. I hope you will  be able to support them a lot, give them a lot of attention and love."

Q: Are there any upcoming events or releases our readers should be made aware of? How can they stay up to date on your activities and things happening within Stardom Entertainment [SNS]?

A: "First, I can affirm that talented singers will surely see the light. I am expecting growth from these friends. We are engaged in preparing and producing albums, this is our plan. So far, we continue to do music, Please stay tuned."

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