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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 14-Year-Old Rae Biller Of Michigan On Why She Is Inspired By Block B

By Staff Writer | July 01, 2015 08:29 PM EDT


NAME: Rae Biller

AGE: 14

HOME: Grand Rapids, Mich.

CURRENTLY: an online student at Wyoming Public High School

INTRO TO K-POP: "I was really into anime [Japanese cartoons] and Japanese Visual Kei bands," Biller said. "After that, I discovered pop culture from other Asian countries, including China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. I started to watch Korean dramas and began to listen to K-pop after 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria appeared as a virtual couple on the variety show 'We Got Married.' I looked up their groups and began to listen to their music, which made me fall in love with both 2PM and f(x). I thought to myself, 'huh, I really like this.' I began to wonder if other K-pop groups were as good as 2PM and f(x) and they were. I was 10 when I became a full-fledged fan." 

CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: "My family knows that I listen to K-pop and whenever I show them a video they will say 'oh, she's so pretty,' even when it's a man," " Biller said. "They also ask me if I understand the music, which makes me get a little mad because that's not what is important." 


WHY BLOCK B: "Even though they went through a major controversy, they still kick butt and have made it back to the top," Biller said. "Block B proved a lot of people wrong over the years through their music and activities, and that's what I love the most about them. Block B proved to me that even when people push you down, you just have to persevere and try your hardest to succeed. Also, they're not really a stereotypical Korean boy band and their music is amazing."

FAVORITE SONG: "Movie's Over"

FAVORITE SOLO ARTIST: Henry Lau of Super Junior-M

WHY HENRY: "He, in my opinion, is one of the best K-pop artists," Biller said. "He can speak seven languages, he has amazing vocals and he's outstanding on the violin and every other instrument he plays. He also really connects to foreign fans because of all the languages he speaks. He's just all-around amazing."

FAVORITE SONG: "'Fantastic"

THE DIFFERENCE: "American music and K-pop music are different in a million ways," Biller said. "First of all, K-pop doesn't constantly talk about objectifying women. Second, the artists perform great choreography, which not many American artists do. Third, the singers just seem to have a great passion for their music, which you can tell from their songs, whereas American artists have lost that passion and just think of it as their job. It shows in their music." 

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